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  1. How are our 10th gen Si owners feeling now?

    I think the Canadian Si seems very appealing, but as a US-buyer, I can't imagine purchasing the new generation of a car that's been de-contented so significantly compared to mine (no heated seats, no dual-zone climate, no fog lights, only half-digital dash, no adaptive dampers, lower advertised...
  2. Tuning/Ktuner/Tunes

    Photographic proof that it is unlocked from their vehicle
  3. Last few days…

    Wow, MSRP for a Civic with 40k miles! Sad indeed, but I certainly can't blame you for making this choice.
  4. Next Car

    BRZ/GR86 sound like they could be right up your alley
  5. 11th gen wheels on 10th

    Cheap? Factory wheels are rarely cheap unless you get them used and abused
  6. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    If more power can easily be achieved through a simple tune, why didn't Honda simply "tune" 10 more horsepower in the 11th gen? Surely that would not have drastically increased emissions or price. The optics of releasing a new car with a very similar power-plant as before but with a lower HP...
  7. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    At least for the 10th gen Si, Honda didn't decrease power and increase weight relative to the 9th gen. There is a difference between moving forward in ways people may dislike, and actually moving backwards :crazy:
  8. About to look at a 2019 SI

    *2019 vs newer
  9. About to look at a 2019 SI

    Check for aftermarket parts under the hood, test the A/C, and when the car is on if the tachometer does anything weird when you press the "cancel" button (with cruise control off) then it's probably tuned. But even if it passes that last check doesn't guarantee it wasn't tuned before.
  10. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    You mistake me for someone who loves big noise and polluting the air. All I desire is an engaging driving experience. Remember you are currently in a Civic Si subforum, where all of us made the conscious decision to buy an "outdated" mode of changing gears because we desire that control and...
  11. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    Yes, and soon people will claim the "superior" driving experience will be simply not driving at all as we are all shuttled around by AI in our electric crossovers :drool: M3/M4 are still manuals, Porsche continues to report high manual sales, Honda is still selling the Si as only a manual, Acura...
  12. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    Let me know when an EV can go 400 miles without stopping and is as light as a Miata. Until then, I'll stick to toss-able vehicles that let me row my own gears while not feeling like a boat on wheels.
  13. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    I know it's a bit cliché to say, "Glad I got a 10th-gen" on our 10th-gen forum, but objectively my "old" Si has more horsepower, lighter weight, and is less likely to be mistaken for a Jetta from behind compared to the new Si. Not surprised Honda decided not to put up too much hype for the...
  14. Friendly Civic people

  15. Two years of the tuning reliability thread

    In the early days, didn't most people claim their concern about posting there was that they didn't want to risk being found out they're tuned because it would "void their warranty"? If that's the case I would have expected the rate of voluntarily reporting to increase as time goes on, people are...
  16. Amazing finding! Many Non-Si's have LSD too.

    What do you mean my car came with LSD? Is that what was in the baggie of white stuff I found beneath the VIN cover under the passenger's floor mat?
  17. 2022 BRZ

    The reviewers say it drives great, so I am looking forward to an in-depth evaluation, relative to the Civic, of how much it squeaks and rattles, average mpg, and whether my short friends have any chance of fitting in the back seats :p
  18. 2022 Camry TRD (Manuals are cars too!)

    #savethemanuals :headbang:
  19. Just bought my ‘19 lease!

    Keep that manual streak going :headbang: