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  1. 1.5T Phearable 1.5R CVT Review

    per calculator on Wallace Racing site, I generally mix no more than 1.5 gal of E85 with 10.5 gal of 91 pump gas ( has another 10% ethanol in it ) to get around 93 octane. While I don't have the Phearable 1.5R tune, the mix ratio with the 1.5 non-SI tune keeps the knock control usually in the...
  2. Oil Catch Can

    MAPerformance, aren't they a company that has no qualms selling Boomba BOVs and Injen air intakes to the unsuspecting 10th gen community, and both of those products have quite a bit of history as not being the best products to put on a civic? Not sure if I would take a sample size of 1...
  3. Low tire pressure and grinding noise after tire rotation

    Anytime you rotate your tires, the TMPS is going to light up until you drive a few miles and hit the reset. Simple enough to do, look at your manual or go back to Discount Tires and watch what they do to reset it. The grinding noise isn't normal, so you should have that looked at.
  4. Custom 3 inch exhaust or no

    Yes, a larger diameter pipe will make the exhaust louder. But unless you're making at least 250-300 horsepower, 3" exhaust is going to effect how well your engine exhaust scavenging will be. Go too big with the exhaust on a stock engine with a couple of bolt ons is going to impact your low end...
  5. Type R bumper conversion (California)

    THere’s also Seibon and Vis Racing, both in the City of Industry. I know Seibon has a CTR bumper conversion, not sure about Vis.
  6. Type R bumper conversion (California)

    Abs Dynamics, they usually have a 10% off deal going, if you’re close enough to their La Puente warehouse, you can pick up the parts there, saving you freight costs.
  7. My test of the Phearable 1.5 Race (non-Si) tune

    I've had the Phearable tune for around a week, and have been using Costco's 91 octane. So far the Knock Control has been better than expected, with map 1 it pretty much stays at .49, with a high of .56, and with map 2 still stays in the .49 range when I cruise along at 65mph using part...
  8. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Update: Switched from Hondata Carb to Ktuner V2 with Phearable OTS tune Vehicle: 2017 Civic LX Hatchback Total tuned time: 4 years Tuned miles driven: 40,000+ Tuning device(s) used: Hondata CARB Flashpro (4 years ) ; currently using KTuner V2 ( 1 week ) Tunes used: Previous - Hondata +6...
  9. The community tuning reliabilty thread and community involvement

    Pity more guys don't add to the database, a lot of interesting info: Although I myself have been guilty of not updating my post, just did with current years and mileage since tuned
  10. Hatchback rear reflectors

    Not sure how strict your local LEO's are, but I was ticketed for having smoked rear reflectors. State and I believe federal, law require the rear reflectors lenses be red. Just a heads up, YMMV.
  11. Weight Reduction

    How much of a weight savings is the aftermarket seat over the stock one?
  12. Type R Hood

    The hood made for an FK8 chassis won't fit on the FK7 hatchback like yours. You'll need to find a hood that will fit a sedan / coupe / non-CTR hatchback. If you like the style of the Seibon, ABS Dynamics makes a similar hood for about half the price, although it's plastic and not carbon fiber...
  13. Gun Mount

    Kind of a broad paint brush with that statement, kind of like me saying I'll never understand my northern neighbors fascination with clubbing baby seals and burning Catholic churches.
  14. Sound warning when exceeding the vehicle's set speed

    If you going to flash your car, the Hondata app has a feature that does what you describe. If you aren't flashing your car, the Waze map app has a feature where you can set it to beep at a whatever speed you want.
  15. Invidia R400 on 1.5T Hatchback LX

    Short answer, no. You'd be doing some substantial modification to your spare tire well and making new bracket hangers. Easiest and cheapest way to get a center exhaust on a non-sport hatchback is to buy something like the Prodrager exhaust, or have a local muffler shop do a muffler delete and...
  16. ABS Dynamics Type R Style Hood

    In stock supply is hit or miss, I was on back order since June 6th, but ABS Dynamics said they just received a shipment when they sent out mine this last week. Cost for the GT II hood came to $539 with tax. Shipping would have been another $189, but they do offer the customers who live within...
  17. ABS Dynamics Type R Style Hood

    Thanks. Will get a shot of the underside tomorrow, too dark for decent pics now.
  18. ABS Dynamics Type R Style Hood

    Quick post on a variation of ABS Dynamics CTR style hood, I went with the GTII style, I’m hoping the 6 vents will Help with added engine cool down after a drive. Some quick stats, ABS Dynamic hood weight is 30 lbs even. OEM hood is 36.5 lbs. Installation was pretty straight forward, initial fit...
  19. Recommended Coil overs?

    More than your stated budget, but I can highly recommend the HKS Hipermax coilovers. During my research , lower cost ones seem to run the risk of having issues ranging from clunking noises, build quality issues, and ride quality issues. Talking with guys in the local car community, the ones...
  20. Rear bumper vent question

    Can be done with the bumper in place, but with a LOT of difficulty. It's a whole lot easier and less time consuming just to take off the bumper, and less chance of possibly damaging the vent garish or trim piece.