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  1. Infotainment Failure

    Missed this thread before but wanting to subscribe. Previously documented my issues in this thread: I've been using a wireless carplay adapter to circumvent the issues which works pretty flawlessly.
  2. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    If anyone is looking for a set of NSX Ys, I posted mine for sale. Located in MA, but open to shipping.
  3. Massachusetts NSX Y wheels with Goodyear Supercar3

    Selling my set of NSX Ys. I may regret the sale, but I can't justify them at the moment. These wheels are strong, light and look awesome. Four front wheels from an NSX (...
  4. **The FK8 Track Junkie Thread!!**

    Thompson is a great little track. I hit about 115 on the front straight.
  5. **The FK8 Track Junkie Thread!!**

    Yep, mounted on dome light. Not sure I'd trust it with a big GoPro, but I have the Session5 which is the smaller cube. Usually I flip the mirror up for better view, but need it on track (and don't need it for autox).
  6. **The FK8 Track Junkie Thread!!**

    I did a TNiA last night in my R. Totally stock except tires. The LogR crapped out on my 3rd session (which was fastest, but coolest temps). With the heat on high (blowing out windows, windows down) I saw a high water temp of 215*. The weather was perfect though, not humid and about 80*F. I'm...
  7. How to clean the front seats?

    I've yet to use this on my R seats, but have used it on other alcantara applications. I'd be wary of using any sort of detergent that isn't made for alcantara.
  8. Type R alignment Issues or suspension issues

    What do you mean center steering? Like you need to turn the wheel to go straight? Or, the on center feel is bad? And what camber problem?
  9. CarPlay issues

    hmm issues persist. I'm opening an iOS 15 public beta bug, and going to see if I can run it up the flagpole to Honda. I'd like to avoid bringing it endlessly to the dealer
  10. Type R alignment Issues or suspension issues

    What issues are you having? The current specs seem to look fine?
  11. **The FK8 Track Junkie Thread!!**

    I've noticed one of the biggest costs associated with tracking the R (specifically '20+) are front rotors. The OEM two piece are about $300 a piece, with options from places like Project.Mu or rolloface being around $800 a pair. Can you run one piece rotors from the 2017-2019 cars on the '20+...
  12. D-Street Type R AutoX info sharing

    Do you have a GoPro or other camera setup? Point it so it gets a view of both the windshield and your hands, then post your video here. The car doesn't need much prep to be a competitive DS car. Wheels, tires, alignment and rear sway bar is really all you need.
  13. CMBS question

    I find the system to be pretty good, but I have turned down the sensitivity. By default it comes on the medium setting but I’ve changed it to the least sensitive setting.
  14. CMBS question

    Hopefully you intervene before then but the manual does say it's possible: See the full manual here:
  15. CMBS question

    This isn't true, if you don't intervene, the car will apply the brakes. See pg 494 of the manual.
  16. Logr Issue

    You could try contacting LogR support. The email for the EU appears to be: [email protected] from:

    What's your use case OP? Just street driving? My autox alignment is: Max front camber (-1.7, stock, pins pulled) 0 toe front Rear toe out, to encourage rotation.
  18. CarPlay issues

    Sadly iOS 14.5 didn't seem to help. I recently installed the public beta of iOS 15 (beta 2) and in a few trips, everything is working as it should. Finger crossed this continues, though I really have only one complaint with the wireless dongle and that's the lack of LogR support.
  19. 2020 FK8 - How can I remove the shift boot ?

    Thanks. Eric's advice is the same as I found in a YT comment: On my 2017 Si, the boot/collar came down significantly easier.