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  1. FS: Set of 4 Type-R 18X8 + Blizzak 235/45/18 Winter Wheels Tires - 1 Winter! $850

    Edit: Sold to a forum member. Thanks for being awesome.
  2. SOLD

    I'll have to take some pics, it's her winter setup, 18" with I believe Michelin tires. Will let you know.
  3. SOLD

    One more reduction in price, now $33k! Plan to have the car gone in the next week one way or another. Nothing wring with car, fully under warranty, just don't need 3 car payments and is taking up a wanted garage spot. =P
  4. SOLD

    Dropped price to $34k.
  5. SOLD

  6. SOLD

  7. SOLD

    Yeah, I take that back.. My geography is poor. I just drove from SC back to Chicago with her M3, and 900 miles wasn't exactly fun either... Well let me know if you decide to come out this way. Thanks!
  8. SOLD

    Yep, that's not too bad of a drive. Let me know if you'd like to come and check it out. Wait.. I see you already have one, maybe not looking for this one. Either way it's a sweet car, disappointed the wife never fully "took" to it. Oh well, variety is always nice! =P
  9. SOLD