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  1. Engine mods for K20C2?

    I could see maybe a similar engine like the K24W? I have never seen many interchangeable parts for the old K series that has actual exhaust ports for each cylinder...
  2. Not seeing VTEC window on 2.0 NA

    No offense but why would you not?
  3. Any owners here with the 2.0 engine here?

    The K20C2 block is very close to the Type R. Exact block actually, so I would assume some parts can be interchangeable
  4. Ohio SOLD

    PM sent
  5. Illinois FS: KTuner V1.2

    Sorry I see Illinois. I am interested, PM me your bottom dollar, cash in hand
  6. Illinois FS: KTuner V1.2

    location? Willing to ship and use paypal?
  7. Texas KTuner Flash V2 for Sale

    Still available?
  8. New Jersey Fs: KTUNER V2

  9. Ohio FS: KTuner V1.2 $350

    Do you still have this?
  10. Engine mods for K20C2?

    Right, I'm sure they didn't support the D series, the LS, B20, F20, etc etc at first either.
  11. Engine mods for K20C2?

    Nonsense, every Honda motor for decades has had an aftermarket larger than this.
  12. Engine mods for K20C2?

    Any news on aftermarket parts? I don't see how any K series, even the C2 will not have an aftermarket past a couple bolt ons and Ktuner.
  13. Ktuner v1.2 For Sale

    I'm assuming this is for the 1.5t?