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  1. Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection

    If I was you I’d put the stock springs back on because there’s a really good chance it’s the CV joint especially since it’s the driver side. I wouldn’t want to take chances on the off chance they’ll say lowering your car somehow affected the driveshaft.
  2. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    Went looking for a CTR a couple weeks ago. Add John Eagle Honda and Honda Cars of Katy (both Houston) to the list. John Eagle sold an LE for 76K. Honda Cars of Katy sold a BB for 50K. Katy had a new BB coming in and told me 52K. Valued my 2019 Sport Sedan with 30k miles at 18K (very nice because...
  3. Knock control observations

    Sounds good, I'll do that today
  4. Knock control observations

    Major oof, what should I do?
  5. Clunking noise front suspension! Need help!

    It's th CV Joint that are fucked up. I have a data collection thread, just search for the CV Joint issues and add your experience
  6. Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection

    I don't know much about suspension parts and parts regarding to coilers but I've heard of others who have had problems after installing suspension parts and weird clunking/binding/clicking. Maybe it wasn't installed properly?
  7. Sedan Brakes - 2.0/1.5T

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on brake pads, rotors or kits that work well on the 2.0 sedan (not sure if 2.0 and 1.5t are different). My primary goal is to find a good set of pads, rotors are optional and so are kits. I need something that will hold up against...
  8. CV axle noise?

    I'm sorry about that. Dealerships suck. It's not a very expensive fix and you can do it yourself with around $200 USD and a loaner tools from any major car parts store.
  9. CV axle noise?

    Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection
  10. Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection

    Actually, it's most likely the top mount and bearing assembly that are creating the issue... it does sound strange that it would be low on lube...
  11. Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection

    That's why I started this thread. Driveshaft issues popping up regardless of mileage. I know some people who went 75k, while my issues started at 23k, while some are at only 5k. :(
  12. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    I would also appreciate if anyone is having issues with their driveshafts/cv joints/half-shafts/etc. to join this data collection thread. Seemed like a good idea to put it in a thread where reliability data is being collected. Driver Side CV Joint/Driveshaft issues Data Collection
  13. Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection

    Your CV Joint lubrication might be running low on lubrication. If I was you I'd ask a tech to sit inside while replicating the issue.
  14. Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection

    Does this creaking happen when turning? I.E. difficult to replicate if wheel is not turned
  15. Driver Side CV Joints/Driveshaft Issues - Data Collection

    Not sure exactly what your car is (tried to match as best I could *2017 EXT KA CVT*) but this should give you an approximate answer. Put in your exact specs into and search "driveshaft", that's the cost for the entire assembly so your cost could be cheaper if you don't want...
  16. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    should have a dyno tune date set by the end of the day. And fuel trims looks good no super high numbers. A little bit richer than usual at -5% LTFT rather than my usual -3%. Don’t think anything I should be too worried about, but planning on babying it. That is until it gets off the dyno. So...
  17. K20C1 Internals fit K20C2

    You're one of the few that at least tried to stay neutral, but there were a couple times when you implied it and were addressing someone else. I'm not trying to alienate anyone, just bring up a problem within the civicx community. Any performance mod thread for the 2.0 NA has at least one guy...
  18. K20C1 Internals fit K20C2

    I have no problem being a pioneer, but at the same time it's difficult to be a pioneer when any sort of advice you seek is quashed and drowned in a sea of people saying "you got the wrong car". We just don't need to hear it anymore. Anyone who owns a 2.0 NA has either traded it in for an Si, or...
  19. K20C1 Internals fit K20C2

    Thats exactly the point. I acknowledge that whatever happens will happen. If it doesn't work out, I accept and I won't say anything when people say "I told you so". I'm making MY car, under MY rules, with what I want because its MY money and MY passion. I welcome POSITIVE contributions to this...
  20. K20C1 Internals fit K20C2

    I like how everyone who subscribes to the "I wasn't hating" view missed the point of me explaining how a boosted mustang for 45k is better than a stock CTR if you want to be fast. I.E. if you wanted to be fast (for a comparable price), and you got ANY civic you got the wrong car I.E. if you...