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  1. Unknown dash warning

    Hey! I think this could be it, We have two or three sensors behind the bumper. I will check them. Thanks!
  2. Unknown dash warning

    Hey, Anyone knows what this symbol means. For what I know its not the hood or trunk because they give other symbols. Cant find it in the manual or online guides.. Thanks in advance br, Nicklas
  3. Type R race build

    Hey, Old thread but did you find a way to disable all sensors and warning messages in the dash?
  4. Ohlins + KW IN STOCK!

    Which one of Öhlins or KW would you recommend for track use? What about KW Clubsport? Thanks in advance.
  5. Civic Type R: Master Coilover Guide

    Hey, Has anyone been testing and compared different options? I´m looking for the best solution for the track. Right now I have my focus on Öhlins RD, HKS SP and KW CS. Thanks