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  1. Why I'm considering leaving the forum

    My thing with extended warranties has always been if I need it, that means the car you are selling me isn't reliable, so why would I buy it....about half the time that shuts them up, the other half the time I walk out. Of course, I have had less cars my entire life than most here have had the...
  2. Launch Control with CVT

    Insert really smartass comment here - I think when i read the rest of the replies, there won't be anymore good ones left
  3. saturday poll: which civic design you appreciate most?

    I really like the 11th gen looks and love that they are sticking with the same engines and transmissions. With that said, I will gladly take advantage of the new generation by getting a 2020 or 2021 with low mileage at what I think will be good pricing. I would really like to move back to a...
  4. What did you drive before your 10th Gen Civic?

    1973 Plymouth Fury - a tank, but gas was cheap 1980 Olds Omega 1988 Isuzu P'up 1996 Saturn Sedan 2002 Dodge Durango Bought my 2016 Civic LX this past Sept with the intention of getting between 2019 and 2022 next January -ish when i get back home.
  5. Intentionally Pig Parking Beside Me?

    The only brand new vehicle I ever bought was in New England with no AC a few months before transferring to south GA....drove that darn thing for 10 years in the heat and humidity with no AC. Now I have AC, I generally don't turn it on unless I'm going over 55 and sweating.
  6. Exhaust Tip Extender for FK7 Hatchback?

    I like that color look and they aren't obscenely large, so I like it. There are american companies making similar ones if you look around. What I've seen videos of were all stainless steel quality construction so I am sure none of those is gonna be cheap no matter where you get them.
  7. CVT rough "shift" in stop and go traffic

    Yeah, I see a bad day coming your way o_O - "it's ok officer, I didn't spill any and check out how smooth my CVT is"
  8. electeronic brake system problem.

    There is a reason I spent the money for a battery tester and test my battery and charging health every month. With all the cars being so heavily computerized, a battery that is on the way out will cause all kinds of problems. On another note, there are analyzers that include the ability to...
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Don't actually need an eject button - just have the wife sit in the back seat and start talking smart, you get ejected :eek:
  10. Brand New Honda Civic 2.0L burning 1 quart of oil per 1,000 miles ????

    If his oil loss is from burning it, he hasn't checked the oil in quite a while if ever. So, doesn't really know that the oil level was ever correct. Not saying, just saying
  11. DIY refrigerant recharge experiences

    yeah, i also remember the days when we just vented freon to the atmosphere. AC has become such a pain these days that when my last vehicle quit blowing cold air, I shifted to the 2X55 air conditioning system - never needs recharged and always works on demand
  12. Launch Control with CVT

    Opinion - be careful talking like that around your poor car, it may decide to run away from home before allowing that kind of abuse
  13. What Did you Haul in Your Hatchback?

    My wife would call that using "Man measurements" :eek:
  14. Honda among all other brands !

    I grew up with mopar. My first car was a 73 plymouth fury (thing was a tank) that was sold with 380,000 miles on it in 84. I had a bad period of a couple years with a used oldsmobile and then then bought my first New car a isuzu pickup around 88 and it lasted 10 years. Then a couple years...
  15. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hi from Wisconsin. Bought my first Honda (2016 Civic) about a month and a half back. I'm getting sent to Texas for a year and decided my 2002 Dodge Durango with a quarter million miles was not likely to make the trip. So, got a good deal on a clean 2016 with the intent of trading it in for a...