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  1. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Si sedan Mileage before tuned: ~ 44,400 miles Total tuned time: 11 months Tuned miles driven: 16,600 Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V2 Tunes used: TSP Stage 1 Fuel used: 91 (Shell V-Power, Costco, Chevron) Additional related mods: PRL CAI Street, RV6 downpipe, Ark...
  2. Vertical Play with Shifter

    Hey all, installed the CTR assembly along with the Acuity stage 1 goodies into the car a month ago and I noticed after a week the shifter has vertical play and feels wobbly in both neutral and in gear (vertical movement only). There is also the rare occurrence where shifting into 4th gear will...
  3. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    Reviving this thread again. It turned out to be bad fuel injectors! The fuel trims gradually got worse again after a short while and hit -20 STFT and LTFT averaged -10 or more in most driving situations. Replaced the injectors and the car is running perfectly. I also noticed the car shook at...
  4. Weird Idle and rough drive

    I think I'm in a similar position. My fuel trims look pretty bad compared to yours though. I average -10 or more ltft most of the time when I am driving unless I strictly drive highway for 20-30minutes, otherwise, on my daily commute my ltft sits very negative. I was going to change my spark...
  5. Shift Cable Change DIY?

    Thanks for the tip, I was thinking about doing the same with zip ties because I managed to break both of the retaining clips on the cables but they sit fine in the shifter.
  6. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    Seems like the thread died but if anyone sees this in the future and had the same worries as me, the high ltft sitting in traffic went away after leaving the tune on the car for a week and changing the regular place I get gas from. (Could have been bad gas, I'm not entirely sure but the problem...
  7. California WTB: Invidia R400 Exhaust Si Sedan* SoCal

    Looking to buy a Invidia R400 exhaust for the Si Sedan. Local to SoCal. PM me!
  8. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    Will do! I had a quick question, does flashing the car and then driving over the course of a single driving session make it more susceptible to change or does leaving the flash for a couple days average out the ltft over a period of time? (Update: I hit -17 ltft after sitting in traffic for 30...
  9. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    Basemap on the Ktuner starter 19.5/23 mostly highway and a little city street. I guess my last question is how do I circumvent the high negative ltft if I drive local a lot in stop and go traffic? (I'm thinking that contributed to me seeing -20 ltft a few days ago)
  10. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    Should I give the Ktuner basemap a try then? I’m not entirely sure how I could’ve reached a ltft of -20 at the time but I could give it another go.
  11. Fuel Trims Advice rough idle

    I posted a datalog of my car in the other thread.
  12. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    Put the stock intake on and saw the same result as with the PRL street cai on the factory tune. I guess I can rule out the intake causing the problem. I put a datalog with some highway driving and city street below if anyone can take a gander at it or help.
  13. Fuel Trims Advice rough idle

    Yeah I agree. I put the stock intake on and the problem persists so I guess its fuel injector related. STFT at idle sits around -9 to -15 for me.
  14. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    I totally agree with that, I plan to change to the stock intake today and I'll post up a log tonight.
  15. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    Yeah that was the impression I had but I saw in other threads that an stft at idle should ideally be 0 unless my injectors are at fault.
  16. Fuel Trims Advice rough idle

    I'm experiencing something similar right now as well. I've had my prl street cai installed for the last few months and just recently picked up a Ktuner, but my STFT at idle sits at -8 to -15 on the factory tune and my LTFT shoots up to -10 if I sit for 15 minutes or so (I'm not sure how high it...
  17. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    I drove for 40 minutes or so yesterday and in total maybe 80 miles while on factory since I flashed from the basemap. I'm just worried about the rough stft idle now. I'm thinking about swapping to the stock intake to find out if its my intake causing the negative trims or something else. If I...
  18. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    It looked like new when I was cleaning the maf.
  19. High LTFT on Ktuner basemap 19.5/23

    I reinstalled the PRL cai and checked all the clamps to make sure they were tight. I also went ahead and cleaned the MAF sensor and cleaned out my filter even though it barely had 4.5k miles. My STFT is hovering around -8 to -15 idle and my LTFT when I'm driving averages around 0 to -7 depending...