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  1. Issue on 3rd and 4th gear grind

    I feel like the new Si have weak transmission and could be the synchros. Im experiencing a 4th gear grind on full throttle, but cruising its fine.
  2. HKS catback exhaust

    I have it!
  3. Pegasus Carbon, Carbon fiber interior trim

    They're actually thinking about it, but no eta. I love it beautiful touch to the interior. Everything fit perfectly like OEM. no fitment issues, just perfect. They're pricey due to full replacement and no fake carbon all crafted at CN at their facility.
  4. Aftermarket coupe tail lights?

    I tried man, but the post is what it is for now.. :(
  5. Do you ever get creeped out by the attention?

    Can relate man, idk wish the Honda community was closer. The subie community always wave or give a peace sign.
  6. Do you ever get creeped out by the attention?

    Seeing some of these comments I never had those experiences. A lot of subaru, evo, focus RS, or just random trucks always give thumbs up or are interested to talk at a stoplight. The Civic are the ones that get mad envious. I guess they're just jelly that the car is highly modified. I try to...
  7. HKS Hi-Power Civic SI Sedan Exhaust Anyone?

    Bay Area represent! I'm in San Jose!
  8. HKS Hi-Power Civic SI Sedan Exhaust Anyone?

    With the HKS exhaust itself, it's perfect. Not too loud, not too quiet. Has the deep tone and sound that you need. No drone what so ever and you won't grab any attention from cops.
  9. HKS Hi-Power Civic SI Sedan Exhaust Anyone?

    Really bad drone at 3-3.5k. Other than that I love the boomy deep growl. 0 rasp when I downshift over 4k above.
  10. Si widebody Kit, Seibon

    I will be updating soon!
  11. Show Off your Wheels! What kind are you rocking on you Si?

    Seibon Carbon TR Style Sideskirts!
  12. HKS Hypermax IV GT (Hatchback Touring)

    Any rubbing? I'm going with 255/35/18
  13. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    Yes 18 x 9.5 40 ot is safe! No rubbing or rolling fenders needed
  14. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    I will be selling them soon!
  15. SynthCarbon Upcoming Release

    Sadly yes.. :(