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  1. Carmax offered me how much for my FK8?!

    Im not selling this is a rather good car. if it was my only car maybe…
  2. Carmax offered me how much for my FK8?!

    Probably get 50k for it. Thats the offer I received from an individual and i have 6400 miles.
  3. Urgent Guidance needed! Fk8 2017 or 2021?

    Exactly. Just get a regular civic and mod the crap out of it. Why even get a type r. Skys the limit if you got the budget.
  4. which engine oil do you guys using?

    Driven racing oil dI20. Fram ultra oil filter. Will change after 6k miles and get a sample to blackstone labs at next change.
  5. ready to replace first set of tires

    just buy a set of wheels for all season tires. its what i did and many others too. my 18s have conti dws06 p. good tire. my plan is when summer comes back ill put the 20s back on. probably get 3 summers out of the original tires.
  6. (Fun & unusual?) Intro, just added a 2021 Type R

    no idea but used some google fu. an aircooled 993 with 333bhp. lol or e46 m3
  7. (Fun & unusual?) Intro, just added a 2021 Type R

    i had an e36 m3 way back in the day that had that tire size(if i remember correctly). so my guess is that for one.
  8. Question About PPF

    price is different depending on location and installer, so i have seen in this forum. they did the entire front bumper, all lights, hood, mirror caps and fenders. price was 1400.00. with a 20 year warranty for the suntek film. you can see edges when you get close. close like one would be...
  9. Question About PPF

    i have a "full front" ppf from suntek. it heals in the sun or with heat. i recommend it if you drive in truck country or track often.
  10. Part number for OEM black weight balance for wheels ?

    when i had tire rack come to my home and install my tires they had black wheel weights on hand. if you have that service.
  11. Poor Initial Braking in Performance in Rain

    Id pull the pads and clean them up to start. Brake cleaner, rags, and sand paper will do.
  12. Seeker SES Exhaust

    Approximately 60lbs. Heavy little thing.
  13. Considering selling my 2018 Type R. What should I ask for?

    Im waiting on the next type r. Watch it grow or fail in its life cycle. Then determine whether i trade for it or wait for the next one. I thought of going a different route(more expensive) but i rather spend cash elsewhere. Like getting another house to rent out.
  14. Oh man and was my fault didn’t see the little Toyota next to me…

    I just hope the place you take it too can paint match the sgp right. That alone would bother me.
  15. Oh man and was my fault didn’t see the little Toyota next to me…

    i always turn my head when i change lanes because that has happened to me in my truck. i wish these mirrors had a wide angle second mirror like my mustang had, such a great idea. never had to turn my head the second mirror was always on point.
  16. 2022 gr86

    toyota gotta be laughing all the way to the bank after the 11th gen si and integra reveal.
  17. Prices going up higher for the CTR!

    i would love to get the z06 but the impending mark up on that bad boy, oooof. i mean its like the last big hurrah for internal combustion engines before we all drive quiet, yet fast electric cars imo.
  18. Pics: 2019 Civic Type R next to 2022 Civic

    in the wild the new civic has a jettaccord look to me. jetta in the back accord in the front. hatch is definitely better imo.