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  1. WTS stock exhaust

    People can’t even sell them for 100. So GLWS
  2. 27Won Strut bar?

    @[email protected] What is the status of the 27WON strut tower brace???
  3. WTB: 18'' wheels in seattle area

    Damn. I have GramLights 57CR, but they were on my 2018 Si before I got my FK8. I think the bolt pattern is different. They’re just sitting too. That reminds me... I need to get them sold. Lol
  4. WTB: 18'' wheels in seattle area

    Anything in particular? Color, size, etc.
  5. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    What about a full PRL bolt-on with E85 fuel tune? That would be primo!
  6. WTB Blue Cover

    I’m looking for an OEM cover (PN 08P34-TGH-100A). Please let me know if you want to part with yours before I purchase a new one. Thanks, Vince
  7. SoCal Remus exhaust carbon tips

    Is it still loud with the valve closed?
  8. SOLD

    Ship it and you’ll get it sold.:thumbsup:
  9. Winmax W4 front brake pads

    Are they track use only pad?
  10. Major vibration when it rains

    I already checked and couldn’t find anything obvious. What’s throwing me for a loop is that it only happens when it’s raining.
  11. Major vibration when it rains

    I have a major vibration while coasting or maintaining speed around 2.5-3K RPMs, especially if it is in a higher gear (louder in 4th gear at 3K vs 1st gear at 3K). It sounds and feels like the exhaust is slapping the floor pan right underneath the center console. But the kicker... it primarily...
  12. WTT KTuner V2 for Hondata FlashPro

    Just as the title says... looking to trade my KTuner V2 for a Hondata FlashPro race version. I’m ready to go down the ‘custom tune’ route and my local tuner (Intec Racing) has only tuned FK8s with Hondata. Thanks:thumbsup:
  13. ***SOLD*** Helix Smoked Amber LED Sidemarkers

    Where did you originally buy those side markers?
  14. Bought it ! Thanks !Looking for used Mishimoto Intake FK8

    I’ve got one all boxed up and ready to ship! I’ll PM you:thumbsup: