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  1. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    🤣 It’s just the angle of the driveway. Im still riding comfortably on the Pro-Kit.
  2. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    Spooky Season…
  3. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    NIce and clean! Bonus points for having two other 10th gens in the pic!
  4. Georgia Hybrid Racing Shifter Assembly

    Bump…. Somebody make me an offer!
  5. Georgia Hybrid Racing Shifter Assembly

    BNIB. I won this at a raffle and do not need it. It was only opened to display at raffle. $300 shipped.
  6. What’s everyone’s experience with garage line wheel spacers for your Si?

    Not a Si, but I’ve had them for nearly three years without any issues. I just got back from my third trip to the Tail of the Dragon, where I literally beat the piss out my car for three days straight and they have held up fine.👍
  7. Post your OEM+ wheel/tire set up

    Honda HPD wheels. 18 x 7.5 with 20mm spacers.
  8. Georgia Drivers side mirror housing and mirror

    Bought these after after a hawk flew into my mirror, but I had internal damage so I needed the whole assembly. You will need to transfer your cap or buy a new one if needed. You will also need to transfer the white plastic piece from your broken mirror as it can’t be purchased separately. You...
  9. Wake the Dragon 2021

    This is a 10th gen Civic meet, but there will be others there. There is usually a “party crasher” award for the best non-10th gen. My buddy will be there in a STI.
  10. Wake the Dragon 2021

    Always a great time! Check out the Facebook page as well.
  11. Splitter rods

    You’re welcome. There are flat spots on the rods that you can use a wrench on to adjust. Not necessary as they are easily adjusted by hand. I opted for them just because I liked the look. Also, the bolts I ordered were too long for my set up so I ended up using some stainless washers to fill the...
  12. Splitter rods

    I’m running the Fully Torqued Racing splitter rods and the quality is great! Just select the premium hardware upgrade for an extra $13.99 and you won’t be disappointed.
  13. Diffuser for 2018 2.0L Base

    Me and him both got ours from Ali Express a couple years ago...
  14. 93 octane availability in southeast

    I’m in Georgia about 30 miles east of Atlanta and was able to fill up this morning with 93. Stopped yesterday and there was nothing. The attendant said they had two trucks at around midnight. One was full of regular and the other was half 89 and half 93. Looks like things are trickling back to...
  15. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    There is so much out there! Here’s a link to a site that shows you exactly where the art is. You could literally spend days checking it all out.
  16. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    It's black. I think the options are black, white, red or aegean blue.
  17. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    Overall, my experience was good. I got the item ordered, but it did take about five weeks. It came shipped directly from China, so I guess turbo10th is the middle man. I messaged them a couple times and always heard back. Also, they only accept payment through PayPal, so you’re protected if...
  18. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    👍 Lookin’ good! You can’t go wrong with the Chemical Guys. Here’s a couple spring pics to keep the thread alive!
  19. Civic Si & Sport Wheel Spacers

    85 ft-lbs. I just torque mine the same as my lugs at 90.
  20. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    Yep, you were right! Swapped the cable around and it’s a much better fit.:thumbsup: