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  1. New mystery vibration

    I have a new vibration, it's definitely in time with the wheel rotation. It's noticeable usually at low speeds, say 20-30ish, and is most notable going right on a 270degree highway on ramp. The bumping noise if definitely more noticeable on right and I think left turns. The car drives very...
  2. USB music has stopped

    Thanks for the help! I tried another usb drive and that worked. Then I started doing more reading in this forum about music storage on the usb drive. There's a 700 folder limit, I was way past that. Even though it worked for a long time my only guess is that eventually it bogged something...
  3. USB music has stopped

    Hello, I'm looking for some help from anyone who may have had the same issue and fixed it. I have my music on a USB thumb drive in the center console. I've been using it like this nearly every day for about 4 years now. Recently it too longer and longer to play the first song, and now it...
  4. DIY Request: Brake Fluid Change

    I can't find where it lists the brake fluid capacity in the manual, can you guide me to that? thanks!
  5. Need a new bumper...

    I was at a stop light and some kid bumped into me, pulled up alongside me and said there was no damage, and then took off. In case you're wondering, his license plate is HDY-8898, but apparently that's not useful. Anyway, I'm looking at buying a new bumper, and I have a few questions: 1) is...
  6. SOLD

  7. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    I like it, but the first thought that came to mind is that the camber is way off :)
  8. SOLD

    Hello, I am selling my 4 OEM tires from my 2017 Civic HB EX. They only have 15,123 miles on them, and plenty of tread left. I am not interested in shipping these, but I could meet you somewhere if the price is right. Shoot me an offer. Also, the one tire has some curb rash, but for the life...
  9. Halogen to Led Bulb Upgrades

    I went off of this posting
  10. Gen X Wheels

    Does anyone know a good website or link for images and specs of all the different stock gen x civic wheels?
  11. EX hatchback owners, any regrets?

    I have no regrets. When I initially was test driving I was very certain I was going to get MT, but after driving a CVT, I preferred it. I'm still getting used to the CVT though. As stated above, I'd compare the EX to the EX-L again before buying. The cloth interior of the EX is a magnet for...
  12. Product Advisory All 16-18 1.5L Turbos

    Yeah I got one too, 2017 HB
  13. Replacing my stock Conti's on 18 EX Hatch

    I can't wait to replace my Conti's, I think they're crap. I've had quite a few Hondas, and Michelins have always done well on them. That being said, I'm interseted in the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack. also, if you're wondering Michelin A/S vs Michelin MXM4, this may help you.
  14. 2 Months and she's DONE

    This is the crap our elected officials should be fixing (along with healthcare). The only things shadier than insurance companies are car dealerships. Everyone knows it and nothing is ever done about it. Good luck RyouSIRIOUS, try to stay calm! Document everything.
  15. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    So, last night I did the hi and lo beams just as B0nez did above (waiting to do the fogs, but purchased the bulbs). Holy cow, it's quite an improvement. Even more than the stupid rattles my car has, I think Honda should be ebarrassed for putting halogen bulbs in their cars. Long live Thomas...
  16. Is this whine normal? CVT or turbo?

    That's a good test. This is my first car with a CVT, I couldn't tell you what to expect as far as what's normal. How many miles do you have? I did read on here that these cars get transmission fluid "changes" more frequently than my previous hondas.
  17. Is this whine normal? CVT or turbo?

    well, I can't really hear much in your videos, I was pretty sure it was your turbo, but after your last comment, perhaps not.
  18. Is this whine normal? CVT or turbo?

    I believe that's your turn signal making that noise :D just kidding does it sound like 4:45 in this video?
  19. What did I mess up?

    yeah, it fell slowly of the jack, my wheels weren't chocked properly, but hit hard enough to put divots in the conrete. I'll try to get a good picture of it. So, to be clear, I'm not too concerned about the road noise unless it's indicative in this case of other damage. Mainly it's the slight...