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  1. What do you feed your 10th gen?

    Oof.. 89 E-Free, most the time. 92 E-Free when I can..
  2. Any experience with Wavetrac for 2.0 with 6MT?

    That would be amazing for the 2.0L life..
  3. Auto idle stop

    Trash. I wouldn't want one anyways . Ever raced someone with that stupid/stupid system? They have to start the car 1st, before they can go anywhere 😂🤣
  4. 2020 civic stuck in accessory mode

    I have had a dashcam installed for several months and I haven't had ANY infotainment issues.. but I probably done the installation "right" with a DROK downstep converter and proper high charging USB wires compared to some rednecking scenarios with some generic electrical tape that I've seen in...
  5. Its just a civic?

    My GF's dad bought a mustang foxbody convertible. I asked him if he likes citrus (🍋) and he sold it within a few wks! 😂 I feel can make that claim because I had one, once. And it was nothing but problems from the day I got it till the day I sold it. ..I was a fan of Ford until that car, btw. Now...
  6. Market adjustments are just crazy now.

    This is also similar to oil companies buying the patents to motors that don't require oil and gasoline to run.. 🤪
  7. Honda civic 2019 lx

    Sounds like a loose ball joint from initial thoughts, without seeing for myself. But when I got my 2020, I'd hear random clunking when turning fully to one side or another..
  8. Market adjustments are just crazy now.

    Cures for cancer actually exist.. but there's no money in eradicating an illness vs supplying meds until your death. So the power of the almighty dollar and greed wins that one.. 🥺 - Pharmacy Tech
  9. Its just a civic?

    The seatbelt heights are adjustable..
  10. Its just a civic?

    Imo, Mercedes is like an iPhone.. Pretty + Expensive junk.. you couldn't give me an expensive car for many reasons, the prime one being maintenance costs and lack of available mechanics who can actually work on said vehicles. Really tho, try to find a legit Mercedes shop in America, they few and...
  11. Water beading on windows

    As for rain-x: After you apply to window and it hazes up, just rinse off with a hose instead of manually buffing off with dry towels (too much work)..
  12. Water to Air Intercooler?

    I'm interested in this subject as well..
  13. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    It wasn't so much a "wanting" of neck snapping torque as it was just a surprise it had so little for a 2.0, Lol. I Love the car in all its fashion/capabilities but just now noticing certain numbers like that being remarkably low.. no hate involved anywhere, just some surprising realizations
  14. Roof Rack
  15. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    ..then I think I'm kinda disappointed in the fact that our 2.0 NA has such low assed torque.. like dammit, a BS 1.5L is pushing like 200 ft/lbs, 🤣 and both my GF's '98 Accord (2.4L) + my '98 Civic (1.6L) both have more torque. This is now 2020 and that torque reading is Low af for a nice 2.0L...
  16. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    I seen this one too but didn't think it was the most updated version since it still reads less than factory HP/Torque..??
  17. Roof Rack

    Really and truly.. I'd go OEM. FLAWLESS..
  18. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    Ok.. first off, I Love the kTuner. Period. Don't wanna drive without it, so I'd like to help fix/improve things for everyone including me (if possible). These are questions for personal education purposes, not complaints (cuz I'm not having any noticable driving issues anyways, just need...