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  1. Air filter tests - interesting

    it’s been great. inside of the air box and MAF passed the filter are squeaky clean. i vacuumed out the larger debris after winter and rotated the element. it was getting dirtiest in the half closest to the MAF, so I rotated the element within the frame so the cleaner part that was closer to the...
  2. Lowering with tein flex z (questions)

    put them in exactly as they come out of the box. then decide if you want to lower any further after driving around on them for a while.
  3. What website's do y'all use to buy parts/mods/etc?

    Nengun FKXRacing King Motorsports
  4. Running Royal Purple?

    I’ve had good experiences with Royal Purple. I used to run their XPR oil in my Saleen and my 1LE Camaro for track days. Always got the job done. But I also believe for the most part, oil is oil. Rotella T6 did just as well in the Camaro. Wear metals were low and the engine ran smooth. there’s a...
  5. What car or auto manufacturer you wouldn’t buy or own

    Currently? Mitsubishi. They offer literally nothing in their lineup that I would consider buying over any of their competitors
  6. Manual vs CVT just a humble opinion...

    Yeah the CVT is one of the least inspiring transmissions I’ve ever driven. I really wish Honda would back the 1.5T with the 8-speed dual clutch in the Acura ILX
  7. Going to the track with a Civic Sport

    if you’re just now getting in to cars and track days, 100% the MOST important thing to get, is just more seat time. Don’t worry about modifying the car for any additional performance, focus on reliability mods and just more time behind the wheel.
  8. How to change your Oil on your 10th gen (video tutorial)

    Works fine on my 10th Gen. Most evacuators come with multiple size tubes.
  9. Noob Question: HKS parts and smog tests in California?

    Intercooler is subject to visual inspection in CA. Greddy has several intercoolers that are CARB legal. Will the smog tech actually check the intercooler? Maybe, maybe not. But if he does, and it isn’t a CARB legal piece, it will fail inspection.
  10. Car air fresheners

    I’ve been addicted to squash for years. I actually use 3... I have the standard Squash CS-X3 air spencer in spot near the USB under the center. I have a Treefrog black squash fresh box under the driver seat... and a Giga Clip squash in the air vent
  11. The Oil Thread

    Amsoil is good oil. No argument there. I’ve used it in the past. But after all these years and all the cars I’ve had, the question I ask myself is: is something like Amsoil really necessary? Under normal working conditions and oil change interval, is something like Amsoil (or Redline or...
  12. FK7 Coilover Options

    no, from everything I’ve seen something about the FK7 needs unique front struts. The diameter of the strut at the knuckle is different than the sedan, coupe, or Type R or something like that. Coilovers not made for the FK7 may or may not fit.
  13. Hondata CVT Failure

    buy a used CVT and find an affordable shop to install it... you have no play here to try and get anyone to cover the costs of replacing the trans.
  14. How do you guys do a 'CLEAN' oil change?

    yep got mine for $100 on Amazon. Can do full oil changes on the GTI without lifting the car (oil filter is accessible from the top) and drain the oil from the Civic, only need to lift to get the filter. also great if you’re worried about oil dilution with the 1.5T. Super easy to just pump out...
  15. How do you guys do a 'CLEAN' oil change?

    MityVac fluid evacuator. If you get it in to the oil pan just right, it’ll drain it almost completely. You can put it up on stands after and pull the drain plug if you like, only about a shot glass worth more comes out over a few minutes of dripping.
  16. Oil Changes

    Oil, every 3 to 5k. Oil filter, every other oil change, so 6 to 10k.
  17. Trying to sell Stock Exhaust

    someone with a Sport or Sport Touring hatch will buy it. Type R exhaust fits Sport hatchback with minimal modification. Just had to trim the exhaust finisher in the bumper. All the hangers and everything are direct bolt on. fitting the Type R exhaust to a SI sedan or coupe will require some...
  18. The Oil Thread
  19. The Oil Thread

    The only thing your oil analysis “proves” is that the oil you’re using puts up with your driving conditions. That doesn’t mean the conditions are not considered severe
  20. The Oil Thread

    lol yes, it will. This isn’t related to oil dilution, and it is nothing new. All manufacturers have a “severe service” schedule for cars driven under severe conditions. Frequent short trips is considered a severe condition, and maintenance items including oil changes should be performed earlier...