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  1. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    I dont know this guy. I have never met him. I just feel bad for him. I told the salesman to have the new owner call me first thing before doing anything. I would have told him make sure the car is turned completely off before plugging in the V2 into the odb2 port.
  2. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    So quick question guys. Off subject. I sold my type r back to the dealership. Some noob bought it. I Already jail broken from Ktuner, running V2. He had the car running and tried to plug in the V2 module. He said the module wouldn't light up. And the next day (today,) this morning nothing would...
  3. FK8 Inlet Pipes

    I still have it's around 40 to ship. I also have a new redesigned PTP Intake blanket for sale V2. 20 bucks off of retail price.
  4. FK8 Inlet Pipes

    450 firm. Comes with ptp elbow blanket. I went catless. Which ended up not even making that much of a difference.
  5. FK8 Inlet Pipes

    If anyone is looking for a PRL hf catted downpipe. I have one for sale. Comes with ptp elbow blanket, and heat wrapped. Bout 150 miles in it. Switched to RV6.
  6. Ktuner 1.1 & PRL Full Bolt on Tune

    The only true factor here on the PRL tune is the intercooler. A open 3 inch down pipe is an open 3 inch down pipe. No matter who makes it. The same for the Front pipe. 3 inches is 3 inches. I wouldn't run a different brand intercooler or a drop in filter intake. I have Mishimoto Intake, PRL...
  7. Ktuner 1.1 & PRL Full Bolt on Tune

    I found that out today. I was in 6th gear cruising arpund 68 mph. A 350z went blasting by me. I didn't even down shift. It just hooked and pulled so freakn hard. Before I could basically turn my music down I was flying by him. The speedo was reading 118 mph. I mean mear seconds bros. 68-118 mph...
  8. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    I have a PRL street downpipe for sale if anyone looking. Less than 100 miles on it Comes wrapped and with a ptp elbow blanket. 500 firm for the kit.
  9. PRL Sport Downpipe for sale. 100 miles on it

    Like the title says. PRL High Flow catted Downpipe for sale. Has probably less than 100 miles on it. Comes wrapped and with a PTP elbow blanket. The PRL DP alone is 530.00 I will sale the entire kit for 500.00 that's 700 dollars in products for 500.00 price is firm. I'm taking a different route...
  10. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    This isn't the elbow These are two completely different elbow blankets.
  11. Analyzing Hondata's basemaps

    Watched a video of a guy switched from Ktuner Prl bolt on tune to Hondata and went from 319 to 351 just on a base map tune. I still think the tuner didn't have it in R+ mode. I was told the Ktuner PRL bolt on tune yields 350 at a minimum. Far cry from 319 the guy was getting.
  12. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    I went to the website. They sale nothing but products made for Dodge. 🤔
  13. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Would be swell if they could cook up a solid tune for the backordered market right now. The only things you can get right now are the Greddy Supreme SP, Mishimoto intake, and a PRL intercooler. The DP and Front pipes are on like a 2 month backorder. My car has been down for a month waiting on...