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  1. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    Thanks for the response. I imagine the heat dissipation of the blanket material helps quite a bit as well keeping the temperature planes (hot exhaust versus engine bay) separate.
  2. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    I was recently looking at thermal blankets and heat reflective materials. after a while aren't these materials vulnerable to heat soak just like everything else? Do they have much better thermal dissipation to offset the heat soak? I can understand them having an effect up front, but as the...
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Whew did a few things to the girl today! Put on tail light tints, that was delicate work. Got some scratch remover. That Maguire's stuff with the power drill pad worked wonders! got all the fingernail scratches cleaned up behind the door handles. Changed out the license plate frame, the dealer...
  4. SI sale price

    I got mine in July this year for ~27.5K with about 10K miles on her, including exhaust upgrade and window tint. I know that if I looked around a bit more I probably could have found one for an even better price or better miles- but this one, she spoke to me haha! Mine wasn't certified...
  5. Lost my civic type r to hurricane Ida, R.I.P my first

    these charts are insane! did you get these from some proprietary software or offline source? I would like to see stuff like this around me, I live in hurricane country near a river, info like this could help me make evacuation decisions. If this is publicly available could you share the...
  6. Hate Side Chrome Window Trims, options?

    So I used Plasitdip to get the badges and emblems on the front and back. Super easy to use even if you've never done it before. Plenty of youtube videos to show how its done, and it can be bought in your local auto shop or even your big box stores. I recently posted my results from the chrome...
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    Got the side marker tint on as well as the chrome delete kit. Both products from Crux Motorsports. Very happy with the results!
  8. Minor scuff on rim

    Very helpful, thanks! I'll give them a call when I have a chance-
  9. Minor scuff on rim

    I will probably end up doing this, maybe even brush on some Plastidip I have left over from the emblems and badges. If I can convince my wife I'll eventually upgrade the rims. I hear these stock rims are pretty heavy...
  10. Minor scuff on rim

    Thanks, I appreciate you and everyone else's responses here. Very happy to have found a good community!
  11. Minor scuff on rim

    Thanks for the help, I'll try to find one local to me. The other question still stands, is there a good resource out there to walk me through a comprehensive cleaning/detailing regimen? I want to treat this car like it deserves, not like the old grocery-getters I've had in the past haha
  12. Minor scuff on rim

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while, getting awesome tips and tricks to really make my SI stand out. For that I am grateful to everyone here! Anyway the other day I noticed a scuff on my driver side rear rim. I'm certain it wasn't there when I bought the car, and I'm absolutely sure I...