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  1. For sale: RV6 Catted Downpipe 2.0 NA

    How is the sound? Does it have a smell? Did you see up in power
  2. Incorrect LED Installation??

    These are hikari lights. Are they not vertical right now? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by lining them up tbh :/
  3. Incorrect LED Installation??

    Hello everyone! I had installed these a while back and was gonna ask but forgot about it until know. After installing my LEDs, there is this line that goes through the actual light. Did I improperly install these? And if so, what is the method to cure this. Sometimes I’m not even sure my lights...
  4. WTS Ktuner 1.2 and AFE Takeda Momentum Dry

    Can you do 430 aud
  5. KTuner V1.2

  6. Ktuner v1.2 For Sale

  7. FS: RV6 Catless DP 2.0NA

    How is the smell of the catless?
  8. 2.0L Aftermarket 2.0 K20C2 Mods

    How much whp are you putting out rn with all those mods? Just curious
  9. Diffuser for 2018 2.0L Base

    Loving the sound! It’s not only deep but it purrs
  10. Procivic grill installers. Help.

    Can you explain what you did and how it made it better?
  11. Diffuser for 2018 2.0L Base

    Thanks y’all. It sounds so much different than stock! The rear looks great as well! Both were around 800$?
  12. Diffuser for 2018 2.0L Base

    Maybe post on google docs or YouTube? I got my resonator removed and the sound changed but yours might be even more unique!
  13. Fake Emblem from Forum member?

    Thanks for this in depth. Next time ill spend the extra $ for peace of mind.
  14. Fake Emblem from Forum member?

    Dude Was selling a bunch of other stuff and I thought he was just letting it go for the low... hopes a dude from the forum would be legit!
  15. Fake Emblem from Forum member?

    Im using like 3 apps. None of them are picking it up
  16. Fake Emblem from Forum member?

    A bunch of bubbles near the back edge clear part... gonna assume it’s a fake. Really hoped the forum dude was legit but guess not