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  1. Maryland For sale 27won W1 turbo

    Still for sale.
  2. Maryland For sale 27won W1 turbo

    Not interested in trades sorry.
  3. Maryland For sale 27won W1 turbo

    Here is a picture of the crack.
  4. What is this connector or sensor for?

    Not sure, was wondering if it was a vacuum line for the turbo since one of the error codes I was getting was with a boost issue with the turbo hence why I removed the W1.
  5. Maryland For sale 27won W1 turbo

    There's a small crack on the exhaust side on the inside didn't notice it until a guy who was going to buy it off Facebook pointed it out to me and backed out since he was worried about it. So I had it sent back to 27won and they inspected it and said it was caused by heat since I had a blanket...
  6. Maryland For sale 27won W1 turbo

    Selling my 27won W1 turbo had it installed for about 10k miles running at 19psi. If you have any questions just ask. Looking to get $500 for it and I will pay shipping as long as you are in the lower 48 states. PayPal is my preferred method of payment.
  7. What is this connector or sensor for?

    I've been having random limp mode issues for some time now. I even thought it was my W1 turbo so I returned to stock and was still having the same problem. I found a wire to this connector was broken more than likely that is the cause of my problems. I'm just curious as to what it is or for. The...
  8. Maryland Selling hasport rear motor mount 82a

    Sell my new never used rear motor mount for 2018 civic hatchback. I have the original box which I only opened to look at it. Asking $100 plus shipping. I can post pictures later when I get home.
  9. Florida WTB: Upgraded Turbo

    I have a 27won W1 that I am looking to get rid of since I went back to the stock turbo.
  10. Engine cover fell off while driving - need to replace

    I think it will. It looks identical to mine and I have a 2018 Hatch ex. Best of luck I hope it works!
  11. Engine cover fell off while driving - need to replace

    Damn I'm sorry I didn't notice that. It looks like it won't I just saw fits 2017-2020 civic and it looks just like mine so I assumed it would fit. Is your car a manual?
  12. Engine cover fell off while driving - need to replace

    About $50 part number is (74114-tgh-a00) go to Honda parts online and put that in it should give you what you need. Make sure you buy some of the screws too.
  13. Maryland 27won W1 turbo with blanket

    Decided to go back to the stock turbo after having issues with the tune on the W1. The turbo runs great but I was having weird electrical issues after installing it after chasing around the random issues for about a year I've decided to go back to stock. There's about 10k miles on the turbo. I'm...
  14. Rotor removal not going as planned

    I had a similar issue with a Toyota I had. I had to buy an impact screw driver set and after a few good whacks it came loose. here's a link to a Tekton one.
  15. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    No problem, unfortunately it's back in the shop having the stock turbo put on cuz I keep getting random error codes and it goes into limp mode randomly and just the other day I got a pcm failure code which is not good so I'm going back to stock until I can get this all figured out.
  16. 27won turbo vs stock turbo 0-60 & 1/4

    So I stumbled upon this this thread searching about putting an si turbo in a cvt 1.5t and I just so happen to have a 27won turbo on my cvt custom tuned on 93 octane. Here's my best dragy run I did with the 27won and using your two step trick thanks BTW for putting up that video about it.
  17. Anyone have experience shooting rollers with a gopro?

    Maybe get o Maybe try a hand held stabilizer? I know they have them for phones idk if they have any for gopros specifically. I wanted to get one for my phone but I don't take photos or videos enough to justify the price.
  18. Anyone have experience shooting rollers with a gopro?

    Depends on which gopro you have. I have one of the newer ones with image stabilization and on video it's amazing. But I don't think the stabilization works with photos but mine does take 4k pictures which are really good as well. I think I have the hero 7 black but not positive, at work currently.
  19. CVT Temp Available on External OBDII

    Did you have to update the lufi to get CVT temp? I have both the CVT and oil temp but it's not reading the temperature.
  20. Hole by cup holder

    Might be for the shifter override, my friend had a 2016 Subaru Forrester that got stuck in park due to a recall issue and after some research I found out that there's a small hole under a tiny cover by the shifter that you can stick a flat head screw driver in and push down slightly to be able...