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  1. Replacement Head Unit (touchscreen)

    I did the swap using the PnP harness (2nd link posted above). Stupid easy install, took about.. 30 minutes or so, and another 10-15 minutes sitting in my driveway getting all my settings the way I wanted and installing HondaHack. Works like a charm, no issues at all. Hardest part was figuring...
  2. California Looking for retrofitted Civic headlights

    the morimoto retro-quick kit is actually really easy to do. Just need a dremel to trim a bit of the adapter bracket they give you
  3. Ivory interior door panel conversion

    Adhesive spray to mount the fabric to the door, screws and existing clips to hold on the door card in place of the plastic welds that got cut out (once you cut the lip and melted over parts of the plastic weld, you'll see a little "well" you can use for the screws). Any adhesive that's being...
  4. Ivory interior door panel conversion

    To answer your question, yes, everything fits like stock. If you're going fabric, apply the adhesive evenly and liberally. I first tried a light-ish but complete layer of 3m Super 77 adhesive (applied to both door card and fabric), and that was.. alright. Tried Gorilla Glue spray adhesive and...
  5. Ivory interior door panel conversion

    Shit man, I completely spaced on getting you links. My bad here's my original post with pics in the "what did you do to your civic today" thread: If you look closely at the 3rd picture, you...
  6. Ivory interior door panel conversion

    I followed a diy guide to vinyl wrap the door cards and, on mine, used black microsuede. In the diy, dude instructed to cut the plastic welds and replace with a screws. Worked well for me. If you have a 4 door, the welds you cut by the door handle have shallow "wells," so I used thick rubber...
  7. Head Units(?)

    I retro'd a 2021 head unit into my car. Got a PnP harness from this dude in this thread, and bough a bunch of the requisite components from ebay, and found a dude offloading a 2021 head unit here for cheap.
  8. Good phone mounts?

    I use a ram x-grip with a motorcycle mount base (mounted using the cubby area light hole since mine didn't come with that light) and a... 2 or 3 inch arm. Works great for me. I use a 90° usb-c to plug in and it kinda rests on the boomerang trim piece
  9. color matched vinyl

    I looked into that very site before. That shit is super expensive. Personally, I'd order some small $1 samples from Amazon or metrorestyling to find something that was close enough to not trigger any anal retentiveness. lol
  10. California WANTED: 2017-2020 oem hatchback strut/spring

    I got some OEM Sport Hatch springs (removed at 34k) if you're ever in Vegas Otherwise, if you're still in need and I end up making this half-planned to trip to IE (Riverside), I'll let you know
  11. Anime Watchers - What are You Watching Right Now?

    I FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE. We used to use Excel Saga to unwind while underway because you can literally turn your brain off with how batshit it is. It definitely starts as, "what the actual fuck is going on..? why is this chick so erratic...?" and devolves into, "DID SHE JUST THROW UP BLOOD FOR...
  12. Official BEER drinking thread

    I had one that tasted like straight up pumpkin pie with the perfect amount of sweetness. Even my friend that makes fun of me for all my pumpkin spice basic bitch-ness liked it. I cannot, for the life of me, recall the name of it though.
  13. Official BEER drinking thread

    My inner 16 year old basic white girl comes out when pumpkin season comes out. Alll the tasty ass pumpkin beers come out. I wouldn't be mad if people threw out recommendations for ones I can find at Total Wine here in Vegas. I've been wanting to try Souther Tier's Pumking forever, but I haven't...
  14. Anime Watchers - What are You Watching Right Now?

    Lol, I did mention I haven't seen it. My buddy said it was good, and @bscags heard mixed reviews about it. Just realized I never put my list(s): Watching right now: Sword Art Online (never seen it, been meaning to, so I started today) Just finished: Erased No Game No Life Star Wars...
  15. Anime Watchers - What are You Watching Right Now?

    your all time faves list refreshed some core memories man. holy shit
  16. Anime Watchers - What are You Watching Right Now?

    Assuming most people here are car people.... Initial D is a good one. Just don't watch it dubbed. It's pretty fucking bad dubbed.
  17. Anime Watchers - What are You Watching Right Now?

    My buddy said it was good, but I haven't checked it out yet, myself. I haven't really watched anything lately that requires me to pay attention to it and/or read subtitles because anything I've put on lately has just been background noise that I can occasionally glance up at. I know it's not...
  18. Anime Watchers - What are You Watching Right Now?

    I'm kinda worried about the Bebop live action getting proper fucked, but so far, netflix has done good with whatever they've dipped their hands into. That's more disconcerting that they're not consulting Watanabe... I hope that's all heresay
  19. my new hobby...

    Man, I had a shit ton of those back in 99-00 when techdeck first came out. I remember being on the hunt for all the Hook Ups boards, because, well, I was a semi-nerdy anime fan teenager, and their boards all had scantily clad anime chicks on 'em. Had a couple BMX bikes, too. Kinda funny seeing...