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  1. Next Car

    6MT as always homie
  2. Next Car

    Switching to the 2022 BRZ, wanted to experience a new lightweight rwd 2 door coupe while I can
  3. What's your SI looking like today?

    Yeah I'm def boutta hop in more, just been sooo busy with my new job. I love everything about it but it's much more faster paced than my last one, then again it is what I asked for so no complaints from me. I'm sooooo excited to get my brz in, already made a whole excel sheet of my future build...
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    yeah that's what i got from vids, not really sure what the issue is then but hoping to not have to deal w this noise for much longer :D
  5. Crypto Bubble

    I think it's just some healthy consolidation and pullbacks, seeing the strength of ETH in the recent weeks makes me feel like it has a little more to go, will have to see how far it can break past 5k going to offload some ETH then and park some money in some "shit" coins, primarily dogelon and...
  6. What's your SI looking like today?

    haven't rlly taken any pics since i parted out but came here to say i miss yall n this forum 😭😭 my trans issues have lowkey been getting worse, i think my throwout bearing rly got fucked in the money shift. starting to hear sounds when going from a stop when releasing the clutch. my brz is...
  7. Anyone running Type R Shifter assembly with Acuity Stage 2 shift kit?

    yeah absolutely worth it man. don't have it anymore bc im selling the car but it ended up being one of my fav mods, very good for daily driving and throws/shifts felt nice and solid
  8. Money shifted hard into 2nd gear at 70 mph :')

    Yeah honestly it is what it is, made my peace with it a while back. I was so upset over it and lost sleep because I genuinely loved this car and wanted to drive it into the ground, but luckily/unluckily we are in a time where we can get out of a car with a ton of positive equity and get into...
  9. How do Our Si's Handle in the Winter?

    gon pull some 360s in the winter time
  10. Money shifted hard into 2nd gear at 70 mph :')

    So after much research and diagnosis the issue is because of teeth being grinded off 2nd gear and metal shavings getting into the bearings and basically destroying it. Car drives still ok for now, when releasing the clutch there is some rumble going on from the bottom of the car when I go from a...
  11. 11th gen wheels on 10th

    yeah from factory it'll be p expensive even second hand it wont really be cheap, everyone loves to run honda wheels from different gens prob will follow similar pricing as 10th gen wheels, so gotta wait for a bit until they start to pop up for like 900< a set
  12. Rumbling sound coming from underneath the car when going from a stop

    Hi y'all If you didn't know, I money shifted my 2020 Si pretty damn bad a little bit ago and suffered a whine coming from my tranny when under load. Wish it didn't happen but I will be selling the car soon and upgrading to something else. Recently I've noticed, when releasing the clutch and...
  13. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    Sending blessings and love your way my brother
  14. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    Thought Honda would give more differences to separate the Si trim from the others but unfortunately it looks like they didn't do much. The lack of heated seats is also no bueno, no idea why they decided to leave that out of the 11th gen. It's not a bad looking car but I would never find myself...
  15. New Jersey 2020 Civic Si Coupe Partout (Type R Exhaust/Eman Type R Clutch/KZCMC)

    Everything has been sold - thanks all
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    Man I just gotta rant a bit but this guy keeps flaking on my Type R exhaust swap smfh Weeks ago this guy said he'll trade his coupe OEM exhaust for my Type R, we set up a scheduled date and I let my mechanic know so he's ready to do it. The day before I hit him up asking if we are all good to...
  17. 2022 BRZ

    After doing much research, somebody found out that it looks like a major cargo ship carrying a whole range of BRZ's has just recently landed in Rhode Island. This vessel will be offloading them there and then will be heading to Boston Autoport to offload some more...
  18. 2022 BRZ

    Been binging all of it for a month now, pretty sure I've watched every video funnily enough i was going to start shooting youtube vids for this with my gopro. I've shot a couple ones for a civic but never posted anything, mostly used it as a learning experience on how to shoot and edit but this...
  19. 2022 BRZ

    Yeah partly the reason I went BRZ. I do like the GR86 front bumper more and the black side mirrors but I don't think they'll be available for some time.. also toyota dealers are much harder to bargain for MSRP so i expect a markup which I will not pay. Planning on painting the lower black trim...
  20. CTR Clutch Retrofit DIY Question

    Damn lol, I had one recently posted for sale with only a few thousand miles + emans KZCMC Sold it a few days ago