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  1. Rain Guards/Window Visors (OEM or Aftermarket)

    I have WeatherTech deflectors because I prefer in-channel.
  2. Apple CarPlay Success

    *Knocks on wood* I know there are several threads on CarPlay Issues, but the most successful procedure I've found is to always unlock my phone before connecting the cable. Since starting that several weeks ago, I have not had a single connection failure, whether starting the car after plugging...
  3. Infotainment issues

    If you don't want to add more problems, don't upgrade to iOS 15. It will break your streaming apps. You'll have to start streams from your phone until Apple fixes the issue. Before I upgraded, I was most successful with letting the HU start, then unlocking my phone and connecting the cable...
  4. Just installed my Shift Cable Bushings and its night and day

    You should have ordered the Acuity rocker as well since you’ll have everything apart for the spring install. The reduced gate spacing combined with the centering spring is the PERFECT combination along with a ‘20+ Type R shifter. If you don’t have the R shifter (on mobile, so I don’t which model...
  5. V1? Escort? What radar detector you run?

    With my Escort 8500 X50, which I haven't used in any of my vehicles in several years, I started getting fairly common K band false alerts from vehicle equipped radar, like is on our cars and blind spot radar. Do the newer mid to high end detectors from the major players filter out these...
  6. Amazing what just a 10 degree drop in temp can do.

    I use mine all the time... city, highway, doesn't matter to me.
  7. Amazing what just a 10 degree drop in temp can do.

    My middle daughter - turned 22 yesterday - says this adult shit sucks all the time. :confused1:
  8. Fog light replacement without taking off bumper

    Should be able to. My Si is like the above pics. Two phillips screws secure the fog light housing. For the garnish, it has clips around the edge and one rivet/push-pin fastener at the bottom. Start at a top corner and work your way around with a plastic trim tool.
  9. Amazing what just a 10 degree drop in temp can do.

    As many perks as it has, adulting can suck! Been trudging through adulthood for almost 40 years.
  10. The cockpit of my car is turning out pretty nice.

    I wish I could change my cluster colors to the aqua blue. I like the red, but blue can be soothing sometimes. :cool: And it looks dumb to have the infotainment screen blue and the cluster red.
  11. Type R RMM best compromise?

    This should be the part #
  12. Steering Wheel Off-Center

    This is the most likely scenario that you probably didn’t realize. But, I assume these dealerships and shops locked the steering wheel centered during the alignments?
  13. Check tire pressure vs. TPMS

    This is your final answer. Disregard the others. It really depends on how anal/OCD you are and whether you want your tires to be at the proper temperatures almost all the time. Always check and adjust when tires are cold before you’ve driven. Minimum - once a month. Better - once every couple...
  14. Optimizations for Si as a daily driver?

    KTuner with Phearable is on my short list, but I'm still on the fence because of the warranty.
  15. Optimizations for Si as a daily driver?

    I definitely recommend the 20+ CTR shifter and Acuity goodies! Night and day difference in shifting.
  16. What do my fellow Si owners do for a living?

    Here ya go... in-house designed 56 page + cover perfect bound book for one of our local school systems. We've been swamped with stuff for several school systems. About to release plates and CIP4 ink data for this one. Our ad is at the middle, bottom of that 12 page sig.
  17. What do my fellow Si owners do for a living?

    I want to learn to weld, even at 54 years old. Been thinking about getting Harbor Freight's little Flux 125 welder to start learning with scrap metal. Not needing gas is a plus.
  18. What do my fellow Si owners do for a living?

    You sure you want us to get into preflight, workflows, plating, digital and offset printing? I can talk all day about it. :p
  19. What do my fellow Si owners do for a living?

    Last week, I literally received a photo of a computer screen for a 24 x 18 yard sign. The screen pixels were so big it looked like a CRT monitor. LOL To keep from hijacking the thread any more, I'll take this to private. I'd love to talk some more. :thumbsup: