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  1. Labor Day Sale | Head & Tail Lights

    Are these taillights smoked or not? It doesn't have an option on the website
  2. California FK7 Stock Sport Exhaust - $25

    If you can pick it up today you can have it for free
  3. California FK7 Stock Sport Exhaust - $25

    Absolutely dude..... for $25 ;)
  4. Civic Hatchback Rear Bumper Repair/Parts/Body Kits

    Look into absdynamics. They have a type R style rear bumper if you're looking for that type of thing
  5. Anyone have crippling allergies? Remedies?

    For me I tackle it as separate problems: eyes, nose, throat: 1. Bausch and Lomb allergy eye drops. keep them in the fridge and use as needed 2. Flonase or other allergy nasal spray. This will help eliminate the runny nose and some of the throat itchiness 3. Over the counter allergy pills like...
  6. Help

    PB blaster. Soak the shit out of them. And pray. Even guys that do it professionally break those studs occasionally. I wish you the best my dude!
  7. Back ordered/long wait support thread

    Given that most people finance their cars for 5 years, they're basically shorting you of 40% of the product's useful life
  8. Sport exhaust on EX-L

    From what I have heard: no. The spare well on the EX is deeper than on the sport. And after seeing your pictures, I can confirm that it is. That hasn't stopped others from doing it, though. I've seen several people do it, but I cant advise you on whether they modified the spare tire well or...
  9. RMM CVT 1.5

    Yes I have the 27Won race RMM on my CVT. Most of your trouble will come from trying to drive normally from a stop. Medium load with low rpm is a recipe for the shakiest shakes you can imagine. It will shake the mirrors so bad you can't see out of them. But if you put it in sport and give it...
  10. 27WON RMM NVH

    Hahahahaha it do be like that. I have a CVT and end up putting it in sport so the revs climb up past 3k and the vibration evens out. It either softens up a little or you just get used to it after a while. Cant tell which
  11. California WTB: OEM Honda Civic Hatchback Sport/SportTouring exhaust

    I have a stock sport exhaust. Name your price. Im in San Marcos CA
  12. Need help pricing out a repair - 2019 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback

    If you're doing the work yourself, buy a stock replacement on eBay. If it doesn't fit (mine didnt but I also bought an aftermarket style) just return it to them and you'll get a full refund. Ebay grilles are like $50-60
  13. Need help pricing out a repair - 2019 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback

    I've seen the grille anywhere from $40 on ebay (when I ordered one it didn't fit) to $180 aftermarket but guaranteed to fit. The bumper is a good price but paint matching will cause that number to skyrocket. Probably right around the $700 mark just like OEM
  14. Tune answers

    No worries dude, looking through the tuning reliability forum will definitely help you get more info on tuning
  15. Tune answers

    Please please please go to the tuning reliability post. There are hundreds of data points you can draw from Flex fuel will be seen by the dealer and will void your warranty. Theyre not stupid. If you want to run flex fuel, then yes tunes will cost more and you should buy the tune that...
  16. Issues with 2016 1.5 Turbo

    Metal in the oil would cause the turbo to go out. Turbo going out would cause metal shavings in the oil. So it could go either way. Make them prove to you that the turbo went out and it was unrelated to a bottom end failure. Sounds like you're gonna have to fight this like hell. But just...
  17. Modifications and Warranty

    You can buy side markers that just swap the housing and leave the original bulb and wiring intact. But like tinyman said, you're 100% fine dude. This is one of those mods that's not only easy to do, but carries almost no risk
  18. Buying used Lowering Springs?

    Check if they're rusty/chipped paint/all scratched up. The point is that they aren't an item that will "wear out"
  19. Prl cobra cold air intake question

    Street MAF if you are looking at moderate power increases. Race MAF if you're upgrading the turbo/really pushing the limits