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  1. CTR and Hatchback Touring - Deeper 8" sub grill kit now available for pre-order

    Anyone who purchased this grill, can you DM me. I have a simple question to ask about it. TIA!
  2. Mishimoto Intercooler Black Friday Price glitch? $525

    @vcastle I have a barely used Mishi fmic with red piping for sale if interested.
  3. CTR and Hatchback Touring - Deeper 8" sub grill kit now available for pre-order

    I’m interested in one of these grills. Are there any out there? Anyone who bought one no longer using it and looking to sell?
  4. full review, writeup, and installation steps: ctr subs, amp, center channel, and door speakers

    I have another noob question. Ctrmofo mentioned he's running the JL Audio W3v3 8 inch woofer and the JL Audio XD600/1v2 Amp. The sub says it's rated at - power range: 50-250 watts RMS/peak power handling: 500 watts and the amp is 400 watt RMS at 4 ohms and 600 watt at 2 ohms. Is this amp over...
  5. full review, writeup, and installation steps: ctr subs, amp, center channel, and door speakers

    Hi. Question on this: Are the JL C2-650x a direct bolt in, or does the install require those pre-fabbed connectors from And how do you like those speakers with the stock HU and amp? Are they a noticeable improved sound difference over stock? Thanks.
  6. Track wheels options

    The Sparco Pro Corsa wheel is a great option. 18x9 +39. You can run a 255/35 or 40 with no clearance issues. Also only $189 each. I know a few CTR's running these for street and track with no complaints. Also the Enkei Kojin seems to be a good track/street wheel as well in 18x9.5 +42 or +45.
  7. Mud guards

    If you have time and patience you can cut the Civic OEM accessory mud guards to fit in the front (search my name for a post of mine detailing this), however the OEM accessory rears wont fit without serious modification.
  8. DIY Rally Armor Mud Flap Install

    No. When I did mine the Hatchback Sport mudflaps weren't out yet so I used the regular Civic ones. Those should work much better I would assume.
  9. Anyone with Carbon Fiber Fender Vents?

    There's another option. You can remove them and bring them to a vinyl graphic shop and have them wrapped in a 3M carbon fiber look vinyl. Not 100% how good that vinyl adheres to plastic, but it's worth calling around to a couple local shops and asking.
  10. Custom Type R Plate Ideas

    I went with FWD Eff The World. Lol
  11. PS4S vs Stock tires

    If you buy from Tire Rack they have a $70 mail in rebate going right now as well for Michelins.
  12. Possible new 2019 CTR color ???

    I believe I read somewhere (or maybe heard from a reliable source) that Honda looked at stripping out a lot of creature comforts to make a more "bare bones track" CTR and when it was all said and done the weight savings was very minimal. So other than a possible cost savings, not sure it's worth...
  13. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Yes and no. The space for the emblem is a "tad" bigger than the OEM CTR emblem and the teeth that stick into the holes are in a different location. I just drilled new holes for the emblem to fit into, but honestly you don't even need the teeth to help secure it. There's enough adhesive on the...
  14. Possible new 2019 CTR color ???

    In our IN system there's actually a listing under one tab for two trims for the CTR (Type R and Touring). When that displayed many people thought there would be a bare bones track CTR and then the creature comfort touring model. But that wasn't the case here in the states. It's possible they...
  15. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I agree. Losing that "nose" of the OEM grill kind of streamlines the look for me. But I did it for cooling purposes, the aesthetics is a bonus.
  16. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Added the infamous “eBay” grill that allows more air to hit the radiator. I added a OEM CTR red H emblem to the grill, but chose to leave off the “Type R” emblem that’s embedded in our OEM grill.
  17. Possible new 2019 CTR color ???

    This is true. Received the email myself.
  18. Possible new 2019 CTR color ???

    Lol, sorry if that triggered a nerve. I was just using that as an example since it's one of the most complained about things, and most asked about things with the 2019 refresh. :)
  19. Possible new 2019 CTR color ???

    The 2019 CTR is coming and Sonic Gray is the only new color added. Any other updates to the car (such as a volume knob) for the 2019 models hasn't been released yet.
  20. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    Believe those are the 2017 NSX Y-spoke front wheel. 19" with +50-55 offset.