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  1. Perrin Strut Brace Nut Size?

    My friend gave me his Perrin Strut Brace because he sold his car. The dealership removed all the aftermarket parts, but forgot to give him the hardware. He doesn't want to go back, so I'm just stuck with this brace. The OEM nuts are too big to fit and secure the feet. Anyone with this brace know...
  2. My Rallye Red Si Build Journal

    Sorry for the delay. Had a birthday week lol. The LED lights I got from Amazon and they normally go on sale. They’re still going strong till this day. The TPMS sensors I got were from a brand called Tymate. It isn’t completely accurate, but it gives me a rough idea per tire which isn’t a bad...
  3. Signs of a coolant leak?

    So my dad told me that there was a small light blue puddle of liquid under where I parked. If I had to guess it's location from my car, it's right under where my floor mats are in the driver side. The problem is he noticed this around 9am, but I leave for work at 6am. The area is dry now, but...
  4. Fitment Industries Experience?

    I appreciate you! Well if Fitment can’t cancel the tire they ordered for me, it looks like I’d have two spares around the house 😂. I’m not asking for a full refund, maybe partial compensation if that’s too much to ask? The whole headache of trying to figure out the cause was just such an...
  5. Fitment Industries Experience?

    If they dismounted the tire, they would have definitely told you. I was with them while they removed the tire from my wheel and saw issue with the bead. Though hopefully it was fixed this time. It could have been a bad valve stem too. As what Civic EU said, it may have been fixed with bead...
  6. Fitment Industries Experience?

    nah you’re good. I was with them when they removed the tire. I still have the tire with me lol. It was just disappointing because even if the bead isn’t as bad as it looks, I don’t think it should be like that at all especially as a new set you get me?
  7. Fitment Industries Experience?

    I just don't have good luck with them unfortunately. Let me just start by saying that I am sure Fitment Industries is not a horrible supplier or business, nor am I going to deter people from buying from them, but my first and probably last experience from them has been just a huge headache...
  8. Car almost wouldn’t start

    Called AAA again and they did another battery test after the car was off for about 48 hours. The battery voltage was about 10.4, but thankfully the alternator was good. Just swapped the battery and it was all good. I just never had an issue where the car would suddenly start - work fine for a...
  9. TPMS light comes on when pressures are too high?

    I did that before hand before this TPMS went off. It went well for the first week. But I’ll leave the light on before my appointment so Honda can do what they need to do. Thanks though!
  10. Car almost wouldn’t start

    Included a video of what happens when the car won’t start. I’m almost convinced that it’s the battery now, but when I had this issue before I remember the car “clicking”more. It was working fine during the morning for the first few days, then the issue happened again.
  11. TPMS light comes on when pressures are too high?

    The TPMS sensor went off again. Ugh well I have an appointment with Honda for an oil change so I’m going to have them take a look at it. It’s weird because my tires are all within pressure range. Quite frustrating.
  12. Car almost wouldn’t start

    What do you think about the ones AAA carry? I only ask because I’m a member and they usually have long warranties with those, but I might get this one replaced via warranty and then if it fails again, go that route. I’ll definitely look at Costco or Duracell as well.
  13. Car almost wouldn’t start

    Thanks for all your inputs guys! I’m just glad it may not be anything major. I just thought my experience was really bizarre. I never had this issue with my 8th gen. I’ll see what the dealer says after the service appointment.
  14. Car almost wouldn’t start

    I bought a certified preowned 2018 Civic Si in August 2020. Car is currently at around 33k miles and I bought the car at around 28k miles. It was fine up until a few days ago. It was Thursday (2/24/21) morning, tried to turn on the car - lights flickered and nothing. It looked as if the battery...
  15. My Rallye Red Si Build Journal

    Since our cars have annoying and sensitive indirect systems - I just bought a TPMS reader from Amazon. I'm slightly a bit paranoid because I noticed that my left rear tire keeps losing PSI every two weeks which was originally causing my TPMS light to go off. When I took it to America's Tire...
  16. Tire Rub on side marker screws?

    Folding the tab fixed the rubbing for me. I run 235/40R18 with 18x8.5 35
  17. TPMS light comes on when pressures are too high?

    lol you’re good. I calibrated it this morning like you said and so far I had no issues to and from work. Had to drive 10 miles on the street to pick up my coworker on the way and then did about 30 miles freeway. The pressure was just 1 off the recommended PSI because it was colder this morning...
  18. TPMS light comes on when pressures are too high?

    Thanks for your input. Will try that later tonight or tomorrow morning. My wheel and tire setup isn't OEM for my Si, well it's close to it. I'm running 18x8.5 35 with 235/40R18. Out of curiosity, is the 35 front and 33 rear your Type R's "OEM" spec? The spec on my Si door handle is 33F and 32R.
  19. TPMS light comes on when pressures are too high?

    This just happened to me today. The sudden temperature change between a week from 40F-60Fs to 50F-80F may have caused my TPMS to go off. We have had those cold temps for nearly 3 weeks, only now it started to get warm. I have a TPMS reader that reads the PSI of each tire and while driving on...
  20. Fender Roll or Adjust Front Camber?

    You guys are the best! I’ll go ahead and try that, if not I’ll go ahead and get that adjustable lower ball joints from your website. Thanks!