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  1. North Carolina FS: PRL Street intake 10 Gen

    I pm'd. I'd like to buy this
  2. Ohio 2019 Civic Si Partout

    I'll take the headlights! Are they plug and play or is a conversion kit also required?
  3. Kansas FS: 18x9.0 +45 5x114.3 Flow One F2 w/ 255/35r18 Indy 500

    Where'd you get that cool wheel dolly?
  4. Illinois OEM 2019 Si Sedan Exhaust

    About 24,000 miles. Perfect condition. No issues. Located 40 miles west of Chicago. $100. No shipping.
  5. Illinois 2017 Civic Si Partout!

    what are the wheels?
  6. Florida Ktuner and intercooler left

    Just to be clear, the v1.2 does not come with stage 1+ street maf?
  7. Invidia R400 Exhaust

    Does anyone know the bolt size and length to connect the flanges of an Invidia R400 exhaust pipes? I am re-installing but do not have the parts kit. Or is there a general spec that will work on most exhaust flanges? Thanks!
  8. Canada - Ontario Headlight L2H (LED to Halogen) adapter harness

    Why are people swapping our their LEDs for Halogens?
  9. Wisconsin Delete

    Where in Wisconsin are the esr wheels?
  10. California 10th Gen Civic Ktuner V.1.2

    Do you have the original instructions? or is it just plug and play
  11. Wisconsin FS: MAP "Race" exhaust for Si sedan

    Is it much louder than stock without the mufflers? I live about 2 hours away.
  12. Connecticut Selling rear window spoiler and front nose trim

    Still for sale? Does the old tape need to be cleaned off or are these ready to install?
  13. Brake upgrade

    Thanks! With a manual transmission, does bleeding the brakes interfere with the clutch fluid? or are they two separate systems?
  14. Brake upgrade

    What is involved with changing the front and rear brake lines to braided ss? Are their any special tools required? Thanks!
  15. Doing your own maintenance

    For those of you doing the entire maintenance of your car, including brakes, etc., what types of tools are you using. In general, I'd like to know if corded and cordless impact tools are up to the task or do I need a full pneumatic setup?
  16. New Jersey Garageline 20mm/25mm spacer combo (North NJ)

    How about $110 shipped?
  17. California sold

    Will you ship?