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  1. Anyone running this Depo "Porsche style" sidemarkers?

    Where do you buy these depo side markers ? o_O
  2. Trade in values $3000- $5000 higher with semi- conductor shortage.

    Yep experienced something amazing yesterday. I traded my 2016 civic sedan ext with 50k miles. Bought new in 2016 for $20,100 +tax title. I got $17,000 on trade. 🤣🤣 Yep you all need to go trade your cars. Look at to get an idea of what it's worth first. Plus I got a new 2021 Sport Hatch...
  3. End of Civic Si and Coupe for 10th gen

    11th generation Civic would debut in late spring of 2021
  4. Acceptable price on a new SI?

    I'd say you should target 23k + tax + title

    I'd like to see Honda go after Tesla and give us a very simular interior and exterior with a completely new 1.8 turbo engine. +20 hp awd option.
  6. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    I called around and it appears honda is giving the dealers more room during this time of need. Best price I found was 22,300 + tax title included destination. 2020 si sedan, no summer tires.
  7. 2016 Civic 1.5T Software update

    I've been having excessive fuel in my oil year round. It doesn't even need to be cold.
  8. 2016 Civic 1.5T Software update

    I just had my 2016 ext serviced today with the 3rd or 4th software update. They changed the oil and I imagine it was some kind of bandaid for the gas in the oil issue. It feels like there is a loss in power. Anyone know really what they did to my ffing car? Lol
  9. Type R Clones? Let's see them.

    I bought it at the Honda dealer. All my parts are oem
  10. Where does piece this go...?

    Ahhh Crap.. I was hoping it was a gas catcher fixing the 1.5T oil dilution issue.
  11. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    Not bad.. $21700 +tt including destination was the best price I found
  12. Honda Delays CR-V Engine Fix but Details Rollout Plans

    Ok is 3.7 quarts to 4.5 less than 5%? Don't waste my time. Get a life. ;) Buddy. I'm not even going to read your reply as you obviously haven't read mine.
  13. Honda Delays CR-V Engine Fix but Details Rollout Plans

    Yep, I did it myself. I've been on this issue from 5k miles. I always do my own oil changes. Honda does state that more than 5% gas in the oil is too high effecting the weight of the oil. More than 5% fuel mixed will cause premature engine wear. I guess you need to do your research. If you add...
  14. Honda Delays CR-V Engine Fix but Details Rollout Plans

    If it was B.S.? Why is Honda refunding in full Lemon Lawsuits? Why is Honda adding warranty? Offering free oil changes? Why are all the new 1.5T cars being stopped and patched before sale? There is a lot more to it than you know. My personal vehicle 2016 Civic EXT drained 4.5quarts on a 3.7quart...
  15. So who’s actually confirmed having gas in their oil in their Civic?

    Im happy with the car but not happy with this issue. You also deserve money as your engine is defective too. ;)
  16. Honda Delays CR-V Engine Fix but Details Rollout Plans

    Honda Delays CR-V Engine Fix but Details Rollout Plans Repairs will start in five cold-weather states By Jeff Plungis October 30, 2018 146 SHARES CR-V engine fix in December for models with a faulty turbocharged engine that can leak gasoline into the oil system. But the automaker will focus...