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  1. PRL hoses

    If you have a cold air intake the cold side is a breeze. The throttle body hose you need to remove the battery. To do the hot side charge pipe I had to remove the fender liner most of the way and it was the hardest hose to remove.
  2. 2018 EGP Civic Si

  3. Any experience with buddy club steering wheel?

    Changed out my fuzzy dice to match the wheel.
  4. Any experience with buddy club steering wheel?

    I like mine. Went from a type r to the red buddy club.
  5. R1 Concepts?

    How long you had them, do you like them?
  6. R1 Concepts?

    Any one use these yet? I ordered a set of the Geomet Carbon Drilled and Slotted Rotors and brakes pads.
  7. Anyone have the 27Won shift knob on their Si?

    Lloyd’s Floormats, Ultimat Series
  8. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    Man I’m going all out on this Si, thinking of buying new control arms to install these on.
  9. Rear braces for Si coupe?

    The ultra bracing brace fits the coupe with the factory exhaust. I have the the GReddy SP exhaust and had to remove the brace when I installed the exhaust.
  10. Buddy Club Time Attack

    The trim pieces are all stock
  11. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    Got mine today.
  12. Whiteline KCA467 Anti-Lift Kit (ALK) Review

    Nice review, I’m planning on installing mine during the clutch swap. Couldn’t pass up the Black Friday sale.
  13. Buddy Club Time Attack

    No, I bought those, they are Lloyd’s Floormats, the ultimat series. Then selected the embroidered option, I also got the trunk mat. Very nice floormats, thick and fit perfect. Also I believe ebony is the correct color. Black is darker. But do a search on Lloyd’s floormats in the forum to double...
  14. Buddy Club Time Attack

    Huge difference over stock Si, big difference over type r, thicker then both and a very flat bottom.
  15. Buddy Club Time Attack

    Removed my Type R steering wheel and installed a Carbon Red Time Attack.
  16. Coupe’s

    What wheel specs and drop are you running. Looks really good
  17. ACT Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel Unboxing & Review

    The joke being that he is modifying a supposedly bad item to start with.
  18. ACT Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel Unboxing & Review

    It will be a month or two before install because of work. But I will update when done and as I progress with it. If it sucks I will let y’all know. If it’s good I will let y’all know. But I know I don’t want a stock feeling clutch. Which again is one reason I didn’t go with emans clutch, another...
  19. ACT Clutch + Lightweight Flywheel Unboxing & Review

    The oem cmc sucks which is why it had to be modified lol, But seriously EMAN responded to me, first time ever, saying they are ready to ship. So I will probably go with his since I already bought a PRL clutch line.