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  1. What's your SI looking like today?

    So far so good. It’s pretty nerve racking redlining an engine that you put together yourself. But the engine feels great. I have a small oil leak at the interface of the block/oil pan/chain case that I will need to fix next year, it not super critical. Got more tuning revisions to make still...
  2. 10thgen Civic Si URGENT Issue

    I don’t know. Wierd boost is high like that. I’m following.
  3. Canada - Manitoba DC sports front strut bar

    It’s awesome. Small oil leak I will need to take care of next year but it’s great. I’m selling this to go after a three piece bar. One piece is better but I don’t want to keep removing the strut nuts each time I work in the engine.
  4. Canada - Manitoba DC sports front strut bar

    😮 do you want this?
  5. Canada - Manitoba DC sports front strut bar

    New condition. DC sports one piece front start bar. $140.
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Installed PRL race CAI and relocated windshield resevoir. Never been so excited to pour windshield fluid in my car.
  7. Reservoir Eyesore

    Quick question… does the radium tank sit parallel with the valve cover? Or is it a slight angle?
  8. What's your SI looking like today?

    Installed prl tip. Next I still have to relocate windshield resevoir to install race CAI. This tip is unbelievably beautiful. Fitment is perfect.
  9. PRL Motorsports Turbo Inlet Pipe Development

    So beautiful. Love it. And fitment is perfect.
  10. Reservoir Eyesore

    it would not require bleeding, just refilling the reservoir. This is the highest point in the system. I was going to use a turkey baster and suck the reservoir dry. Then disconnect the two tubes. There are maybe three small bolts to remove and then just lift it out. It’s not bad at all. Just...
  11. Its official!! My car hates me

    Skynet would use a torque wrench on everything. They wouldn’t have a Series 850 walking around with a compromised twin hydrogen fuel cell.
  12. Its official!! My car hates me

    I good torque wrench can save a person a lot of trouble. I’ve broken and stripped several fasteners due to improper torque readings. You have to use the right size for the right torque value. Hopefully you used a 1/2” for your spacers.
  13. Its official!! My car hates me

    do you know why this happened?
  14. Injector clip look okay?

    Two nuts. Six bolts.
  15. Injector clip look okay?

    How come you didn’t take the whole injector assembly complete with rail off?
  16. Reservoir Eyesore

    Both fit Si, just need to change some plumbing. I am deciding between the two.
  17. Valve Cover Gasket leak..

    valve cover leaks are a known common issue on the tenth gen. This would be no surprise. I wouldn’t worry at all. The gasket could have just moved slightly during original build, or slightly not enough hondabond in a corner. There are a few known common leak areas, and this should be no surprise...