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  1. LED Fog lights

    Type R OEM's is what I did on my 20. I did the Morimoto's on my 17 but I just wanted a direct slap on this time around. Damn, I just looked and they seem to have gone up in price dramatically from when I bought them. NM, I'd go Morimoto. Chip shortage is even blasting the prices up on LEDs.
  2. I hit a raccoon in my 19 hatchback!

    I mean Canada but goddamn. I swiped the corner of a car in front of me which blasted the bumper, headlight, and fender along with a bunch of stuff inside inclduing full engine harness and it was only around $13k US.
  3. Arizona FS: KTuner V2

  4. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    Just like how the Sport hatch got stripped of everything that made it a Sport.
  5. The most atrocious looking car you've ever seen...?

    I didn't think you could make a Pontiac Aztec look worse until I saw this. :puke:
  6. PC Builders Thread

    Still waiting for a 3080 to pop back up from EVGA. That's the only thing I need to complete my current setup.
  7. Got into an accident

    The bad thing is, most of the time if it gets hit hard enough for the airbag to deploy on these cars then it costs too much to repair, regardless how old it is. Costs of parts and repairs are INSANE.
  8. Arizona FS: KTuner V2

  9. New si debuts tomorrow!

    I'm expecting it to be slower and have less power than the last gen, just like all the other trims so far.
  10. Drive on it or repair?

    Fix it before you get somewhere you don't want to have a flat.
  11. What would your next vehicle be if you were to move on?

    GR86 when they finally release the dang thing.
  12. Arizona FS: KTuner V2

  13. I've been thinking...

    Now is a horrible time to buy a used vehicle but the best time to sell. Check Carmax and Carvana to see what they offer. I just checked Carmax for my 20 Sport and they showed $27,600. I only payed $21k for it but I don't have another car lined up until the GR86 starts dropping at dealers. Hope...
  14. New member - 2018 Si - Had it for 2 weeks and already in a wreck :(

    Surprised they didn't total it out. It seems to be VERY easy to total the 10th gen due to parts cost.
  15. Arizona FS: KTuner V2

  16. Any mods for front/back "cosmetic vents"

    We need 11th gen bumpers for the 10th.