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  1. Fast beeping when getting out of car

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned it (though TBH I barely skimmed, so I might've just missed it) you can get the fast beeps if the battery in your key is dying. Try a new battery and see if that fixes the issue. GL!
  2. Las Vegas

    Can personally recommend SWAT Motorsports. Over on the Summerlin-side of town. Did my car and chrome delete (before I got my visors). Great service, cool guys.
  3. What's your SI looking like today?

    Added some fiber to Essa's diet. @carbonsixthelement dash pieces and Pegasus Carbon door trim pieces, with red suede wrapped door handles and trim.
  4. JSR's Si "Essa"

    Update: Added some fiber to my diet. Carbon Sixth Element and Pegasus Carbon pieces, and suede-wrapped door handle and trim.
  5. Massachusetts Looking to buy lunch for a local who lets me ride passenger to hear their AWE or Invidia exhaust

    Not flooring it or anything here, but you can kind of hear the drone. Hope this helps
  6. 27WON 1st Summer Series Meet

    I didn't see that until now D: I wonder if we got to meet? There were some amazing rides there. In fact, there were a lot of photographers out there, I'd love to see the photos
  7. Wisconsin Delete

    my eyes are on that intercooler if you end up selling that bad boy :O
  8. Which Big Brake Kit should I get?

    Correct. There's a decent portion of the rotor that hasn't been touched. As far as I can tell, the entire pad is used, but the rotor is oversized. I don't mind, but yeah, something seems goofy with that kit.
  9. Which Big Brake Kit should I get?

    it squeals sometimes, but I've read that more aggressive brakes can do that. I properly lubricated all the contact points and performed a bed-in, and most of the time they're silent. The brake pedal is much stiffer now and I can stop on a dime :) (again, though, this is probably doable with...
  10. Which Big Brake Kit should I get?

    I got the Wilwood 4-pot kit from TSP. When it arrived, my pads were 1/4" too thick to fit inside the caliper and rotors that came in the kit. My options were to put my stock brakes back on, or grind the meat off the pads until they fit. Since I used loctite on the bolts, had waited 5 weeks to...
  11. Massachusetts MOON ROOF VISOR

    yo is this still available, and would it fit a coupe? EDIT: just saw the title was scratched out. Bummer (for me). What brand was that, WeatherTech?
  12. Boost?

    If you're dipping that low in 3rd, try running in 2nd until you can upshift into 3rd and land in a higher RPM. For 3rd gear pulls, you'll just have to feather the throttle if you don't want clutch slippage, especially if you're full bolt ons and/or flex fuel.
  13. PRL Flex Fuel Kit: hose disintegration issues?
  14. Boost?

    these cars have a lot of torque in the lower bands; the motor will get you up to speed in normal casual driving without needing boost. If you're putting some umph into it, I'd stay in the higher rev range as much as possible, or keep the throttle off the floor until you are. I try to keep the...
  15. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FC1/FC3 Civic Si. Available now!

    Question: do you guys sell just the black diamond tips (not the conversion kit, I already have the triple-tip regular chrome)? I don't see it on the website. I'd be interested in just the tips. Thank you :D
  16. California PRL FMIC - used for approx 15k miles

    I'm so, so tempted. I would love to get this on my car before my road trip. If it doesn't sell soon, I might get in touch
  17. Why I'm considering leaving the forum

    I feel bad because I didn't post my post until much later after I joined the forums. I was worried since I didn't have all my mods on the car. I should've done it sooner and I am very sorry for that. You helped me and so many others in the past. I hope you know how much we appreciate you...
  18. Engine bay side panel covers installed

    I am guessing there's something in the engine in the CDM (or in the USDM) that required them to move it to the driver's side, since the European models also have theirs on the passengers' (thread tax)
  19. What's your SI looking like today?

    I guess for me, my fear is that the spacer would be a fail point. Even though mine are hub centric and weren't cheap, and I had mine torqued to 85 ft/lbs... I dunno. Something about them makes me paranoid. ...I sure did like how they looked tho :cry:
  20. What's your SI looking like today?

    I've always been a tinkerer. Working on cars is very therapeutic for me. I lose myself in the task at hand, and the tools I'm using, and music playing, and the sweat on my brow. It's why I've installed every single piece on this car myself except for my springs. It's work to be sure, but it's...