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  1. Fortune-auto 500 Coilover review

    Ya it really would be. I was FBO completely. Legit FBO. W1 turbo, the whole 9. Dealer wanted it completely as it was.
  2. Fortune-auto 500 Coilover review

    Ya it was my front driver side that made the noise. I did not part it out, traded it in with everything on it although I do have a couple parts left that were not on the car.
  3. Fortune-auto 500 Coilover review

    I had Fortune's 500's in my Si. They made all sorts of sounds over bumps like squeaks and stuff. Ended up trading the SI in for an R so never got to see that issue through but good review man.
  4. Education needed for older guy

    It's just a lot of stress on the drivetrain. 6th gear wot is commonly looked down upon because the gear will generate a lot of boost at a very low RPM which can cause an engine failure in a car with weaker rods and internals.
  5. hasport mounts

    so stick with either the hasport or the 27won street in my opinion. You'll need at least the hasport though with the front pipe upgrade.
  6. hasport mounts

    I had the 27won race rmm in my SI. I loved it until i was stuck with it for a few months and everything in the car rattled like crazy. People would think my car was broken. It's a track oriented mount. Never heard of a mount being HP rated at all. I ultimately switched to the 27won street...
  7. Infotainment Failure

    I got my 2021 Champ white 3 weeks ago, pulled out of the dealer parking lot and the car play crashed on my 1st drive home with it, lol. I had a 2020 SI before this, which had issues like this but the CTR is far worse. Only thing that works for me is to: - Start from a clean slate, delete the...
  8. Gear Grind continues ... tried everything. What to do next?

    Is there something wrong with the OEM fluid? Also, shouldn't we be using GL4 fluid, since it's easier on the brass components? Did this start happening when you first bought the car?I track my FK8 and haven't touched the transmission fluid... Prior to my FK8 I had a 10th gen SI which I also...
  9. warranty issue

    The only thing I can think of is that the powertrain warranty probably has exclusions and if another honda center worked on it and didn't do something properly maybe the other dealership cannot submit that under the powertrain warranty. yes, it should be seamless but i think the best bet is to...
  10. warranty issue

    I'm guessing each service center is independently owned. The service center performed diagnostic and that's the cost, regardless of where you went before. Even a fix that seems simple will take a technicians time, administrative time, etc... All of which must be paid for.
  11. How do you guys deal with car bucking with Rev Hang disabled?

    No proper driving is going to help the delay in throttle with the rev hang off. My 20' Si with rev hang off was terrible and i'm almost certain that it was a Ktuner bug exclusively with the 2020's but I don't recall exactly. Rev hang off you could go from 1st to 2nd and have your foot on the...
  12. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    I previously had my 2020 FBO SI in this thread. Happy to start a new post with my new FK8. I just put a Hondata on it yesterday so posting here. Vehicle: 2021 Civic Type R Total tuned time: 24 hours Tuned miles driven: 50 Tuning device(s) used: Hondata Tunes used: Phearable Stage 2 Fuel...
  13. To Mod or not to mod

    Update: I put a Hondata on it with an @phearable stage 2 tune. Night/day difference. It's very fast right now, at least to me.
  14. To Mod or not to mod

    Same spot as OP. I would hate to void my warranty because there's so much peace of mind, especially tracking the car. But I would love some sound and a little more power of course... Not that it's not fast already, i'm just not going to say no to more lol.
  15. Getting into modding and upgrading my car.

    If you value your warranty don't tune the car. If you dont mind not having one then grab a Ktuner V2 and like many said to get a phearable or tsp tune, etc... Once you're tuned though, you'll probably need a replacement clutch (this is where the headache starts). Idc what anyone says, the...
  16. RV6 or 27won W1 Turbo?

    W Well you have to pull your motor, etc... But ya I would do that. Hopefully you can find a shop that knows about the 10th gens.
  17. HKS Carbon Fiber Intake w/o AFR

    Since you asked for input I'd leave what you have if it's not about function—If function is not the priority than the heatsoak should not be na issue. Why move to a race maf? I'm guessing you maxed out the MAF on the HKS... and have plenty of room left in your fuel system to accompany more...
  18. Instrument cluster not working

    Try it, just make sure your internet connection is extremely strong.
  19. Instrument cluster not working

    Naw, happened to me before when I recently flashed a tune and for whatever reason it didn't flash correctly. I had to reflash and make sure my internet connection was really strong when I did the reflash. It solved it for me.