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  1. How to set the timing chain with stronger springs

    There you go man, as long as you spin it and the cam spins all the way over the rocker and it doesnt jump youll be good. Theres a little amout of slack but not enough righ?
  2. How to set the timing chain with stronger springs

    In October im tearing back into my motor bc its not sending oil through the motor and ill make a video and put it on youtube… you gotta promise to subscribe though 😎 im jk idc lol
  3. How to set the timing chain with stronger springs

    It is a huge pain. Im sorry that you stripped one of the holes man… when i was doing it, it definitely made me rethink a lot of life decisions and made me just want to push it outside and cut a tree down onto it and call my insurance agent and go oh no!
  4. How to set the timing chain with stronger springs

    If you notice in your first picture that the lines on the cams dont line up. By turning the intake counterclockwise theyll line up. Than maybe just push the big tensioner arm to get that click. Youll hear it, its not super loud but its there
  5. How to set the timing chain with stronger springs

    Do not set it and forget it. Most likely it will slip. When you set the chain in the right spot and engage the tensioner there will be slack. Turn the intake cam counter clockwise until it takes all of the slack out of the chain and it will put it on the tensioner side and than you need to...
  6. intake manifold

    I have not. But i would 💯 do the Skunk2 over RZCrew.
  7. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    Deal, how indepth do you want? From the start or?
  8. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    I could definitely be interested in that oil pump gear if dude doesn't take it!…
  9. How to set the timing chain with stronger springs

    No, i thought about it as i was making the post. I have to reopen the motor anyway, ill add in pictures for the steps. This wont be until October though, that’s when I’m pulling the car back in the garage.
  10. Taylors 2020 Type R -608WHP-Motec- G30 Turbo

    Depends on your goals and how much money your willing to dump into her! Full send my dude !
  11. Taylors 2020 Type R -608WHP-Motec- G30 Turbo

    Quite a few things i left out lol. I would go with the 2000’s or whatever size they actually are. Try to get as much fuel through the direct injection system as possible, it would probably make it behave easier too. XDI over 4piston hpfp? And why.
  12. Taylors 2020 Type R -608WHP-Motec- G30 Turbo

    This thing with a built motor and upgraded high pressure fueling. Dude nasty!
  13. 1.5T Hobby-man's engine thread

    This is sad to see but some people arent into spending a dumb amount of money on a car, and that’s ok. If you dont call your car a race car fbo is the farthest you should go if that even. But i hope all is well with you and the car. Update us on what you go with!
  14. 12513-59b-000

    Good news boys! Map finally hooked it up and resolved the whole fucking issue!
  15. Tylers 2020 Si motor rebuild

    I breifly started my car and sat in it for maybe a minute. The NVH is there and it’s real. I like it and I’m super excited to check them out but, they’re not for the faint of heart soo to speak lol
  16. Tylers 2020 Si motor rebuild

    Yes i got them all in. If the motor doesnt move at all and all the bolts line up than yea its fairly easy but mine moved and i had to wiggle it to get the bolt in. An extra set of hands is always ideal
  17. Tylers 2020 Si motor rebuild

    So as an update i got the motor back together and the tensioner set properly. Ill update my post i made that noone replied to about setting it. After starting the motor the valve train was super loud and had/has me concerned. So i pulled the valve cover off and verified timing by setting the...
  18. Tylers 2020 Si motor rebuild

    Loosen the bolts all the way and pull them out. Measure how bar down the bolt you can go into the cap and put it back in to that spot and wiggle it back and forth gently until it starts to come up. Than get a flat head or something to put under the cap and the head to create a pry point and...
  19. How to set the timing chain with stronger springs

    So i struggled with getting the tensioner to stay engaged and it just kept slipping a tooth on the exhaust cam after installing my Brain Crower titanium springs. So ill explain the easiest way to do this with the motor in the car like i had. Set the timing cover on the motor and put the crank...