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  1. Side pillars - wax/sealer or ???

    I just use Meguiars quick detail spray..they have one for black trim also..however I've used both and don't notice any difference between the one for black trim or regular.
  2. 2018 Type R hood ding/paint chip

    I don't have the fk8..but have the sport hatch.and after 1 day got a tiny rock chip on passenger side of the hood.. barely noticeable..but I notice it..Swear Honda needs do a better job, which is weird considering they use pearl paints that are pricey..smh
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    comes in 7 pieces..vs oem you get more for your money..lmao :)
  4. DFW

    I'm not building a race car either..just looks
  5. DFW

    Fort Worth here. .I have a 2018 hatchback sport and a 2013 370Z sport
  6. Texas 10th Gen Civic X FB Group

    couldn't find the group
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    this is the ABS Dynamics wing...comes in 7 pieces..I had it professionally installed..and thanks..1 piece of advice, do not follow the template for install or putting the wing will not come out right...according to my shop..
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Had the ABS Dynamics wing installed.. Painted mine all white.. I prefer it same color as the car.. Lil Wannabe
  9. Type R Replica Wing

    I hear that is the best one so far..I ordered the same's being painted.
  10. Sport Hatch with type R wing/spoiler

    lmao..anyday of the week..well imo.. :)
  11. Sport Hatch with type R wing/spoiler

    well I like the type R's all an opinion..
  12. JDM Honda Access Badges - Black Chrome

    Oh..I want the black chrome front and rear only tho. For my 2018 sport hatch
  13. Official ENERGY GREEN Civic Thread

    When I had my coupe I did rhino lining on the bumper grille
  14. My Dilemma!!!!!

    yes the C pillars make it hard to see..However, I'm used to it because I have a 370Z and it's the samething..Hard to see out of the pax side pillar.. When I drove my hatch 1st thing I said was, wow..this hatch has the same blindspot issues as my Z..Lol..
  15. Leather seat covers?

    hmm..well 370Z was like $1,700 at an auto upholstery hatch was done thru can call Honda they have the katzkin brochure at the dealerships if you want to upgrade your cloth to leather with them..but a 5pax seat car at an auto upholstery shop..well I don't...
  16. Type r wing

    Looks great..My ABS Dynamics wing arrives today.
  17. Leather seat covers?

    Look at Katzkin..I love mine..I have Purple Katzkin in 370Z and I did Salsa Red and black leather when I purchased my sport hatch thru Honda. I purposely wanted the sport because I wanted to do the color leather I wanted..I don't care about all the tech stuff in the touring..I realized that when...