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  1. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Grambles! I thought I recognized that name from Golfmk6. Welcome to the site it's good to have you here. We're in store for some good technical discussions folks :thumbsup:
  2. This is what 2016 Civic Coupe without wing spoiler looks like

    There's also plastidip which is matte black. And autodip has a gloss black spray. I don't like plastidip usually but for smaller parts like trim it's sometimes an easy way to black out parts without having to have them removed. And because the parts are small, they can turn out ok with spray dip.
  3. Will the hatch be 2-door or four?

    The new sedan managed to gain 2.6 cu/ft of cargo space compared to the old sedan. I don't think 12-15 cu/ft extra over the current hatch is remotely possible.
  4. What did you pay?

    Also can't hurt that we're 2 weeks from end of the calendar year so dealers could be looking to get as many sales on the books as possible for their annual sales numbers.
  5. Win a 2016 Civic Design Contest

    I mean I'll enter a design, but if I win can I just have like... a normal Civic?
  6. Debadged.

    Removing all that silver/chrome makes such a difference on black! Cleans up the back view a lot :thumbsup: What color is your car - Crystal Black or Burgundy Night?
  7. In-Depth Official Review. Picked up my Cosmic Blue Touring last week!

    Nice overview. When you've done your full acceleration runs have you seen traction control come on much? What kind of sub?
  8. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    That it's about half inch to an inch lower.
  9. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    Haven't seen actual difference posted. I predict the coupe headroo Side by side pics of the coupe and sedan should tell us if any of the 1" lower comes from a lower suspension.
  10. My 2016 Civic EX MPG Spreadsheet

    Cool idea. I would expect the longer the trip typically better MPGs (assuming highway driving) What type of area do you live in? City or suburban?
  11. I hate my dealership.. or at least my salesperson

    Seriously, why give these guys the business and profit. Give the business to someone more deserving.
  12. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Nice! The tint makes such a big difference. Did you decide to keep the hood guards? Btw it looks warmer in Vancouver than I would've thought. :)
  13. 2016 Honda Civic Commercial (French) - Meet the newest member of the Civic nation

    I don't understand French but still a pretty cool looking commercial. Anyone able to translate?
  14. 2016 Civic Maintenance Package & bumper to bumper warranty?

    Wow you'll sleep sound for a long time! So you plan to keep the car long term then? Anyone know if the entire warranty term (including the extended portion) is transferable if you sell the car to another private party?
  15. Leather vs Fabric interior

    Leather looks and feels better, but cloth grips better for more aggressive driving. I'd get leather for the base Civic and cloth for Si and Type R. Come to think of if the Si and Type R may come with cloth sports seats mandatory.
  16. CVT transmission any good/bad?

    That should more than satisfy anyone who's afraid because they think the CVT is the same as the ones in the 9th gen Civic which had issues.
  17. Bought my first civic

    Congrats! Like Bonzo said you may drive nothing but Hondas for rest of your life ;) If you can capture how much metallic pearl is in WOP that'd be nice.
  18. 2016 Civic tail lights at night

    Cool effect. Can't wait to see the full wrap tails on the coupe.
  19. Perks to throw in when negotiating for a Civic

    The trunk tray looks good but from what I remember somewhat overpriced. I dont think they'll be selling many of these, seems like a good accessory to bargain for.
  20. Video: What's faster - Fast Car (M4) or Fast Driver (Civic Si)

    There's so much disparity between the cars specs that even an F1 driver couldn't make up the difference :) Btw the M4 color is horrible.