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  1. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Wife would be pissed if that just showed up to our house lmao. She doesn't mind my spending habits per se, on the plus side she did compliment my Varis hood so I think she's coming around to other parts eventually haha...
  2. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Correct, I’ve seen both in person and the full is hardly that different. The wait times are what have kept me from ordering any new parts. I may check in with Bulletproof and drive down for parts in the coming months…
  3. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Full or half?
  4. New vs Used

    Again that's not a fair judgement on the platform itself. The only thing of note is the A/C issue, which Honda has decide to stand behind on all of the 10th Gen civics. Everything else is subjective, like me saying i've never had any issues with my 2020...
  5. California Spreen Honda Corona California 4 CTR's in your favorite colors... for MSRP?

    Even with good credit their interest rates are shit. Hated buying my car last year from the dealerships here, I felt like I at least was lubed up when I negotiated 2k over sticker…
  6. To Mod or not to mod

    Although subjective, there are far better exhaust than Spoon looks, weight, and sound wise.
  7. Does Eventuri Intake cause CEL?

    It may clear on its own within a few miles/days. It could have happened if during installl you turn the car on in accessory mode for any reason. Either way none of those parts should throw a code. Probably recheck the seals.
  8. I'm back baby!!

    WB, so what’s the plans for it now…
  9. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Lets fuckin go!!! What are you gonna do with your ultra’s?
  10. The dealers are crazy

    That sucks he held on to the CBA, unfortunately they were the only R35’s who didn’t hold value well…
  11. The dealers are crazy

    WB if you end up getting it.
  12. Warranty work denied because P0630 (vin not programmed or mismatched) found in data stream submitted to Honda Canada for investigation. Car is unmodif

    I would take the legal route at that point. Assuming you are within warranty coverage range, they should be standing by that.
  13. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Depending on the shop and how long your car has been exposed to sunlight even in stock form some of the panels are going to be off to a degree, primarily due to different materials for the body. You might get away without the need to blend, but if your doing multiple parts, it would be best to...
  14. Is it all a mind trick ?

    The disrespect to staff’s tho 🤣… soon as they hit senior almost always go BMW/Audi…
  15. Martelius CBE for FK8.. Why not!

    Agreed, could be proven wrong at the end of the day, however it looks like it would be quite heavy and from the videos I did see of it was on the louder side of exhaust. To each their own though.
  16. PPF/Ceramic Coat VS New Wheels/Tires

    At the very least I would recommend PPF for the front of the car. Ceramic you can be lenient about, although I found it to be worth it for myself when I got my PPF done. Granted I had mine done two weeks after buying my car.
  17. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Wish you were in SoCal with us man, would love to see this in person…
  18. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    That’s a quick turnaround, I’m assuming Bulletproof had a couple of sets at their facility.
  19. New Acura Integra posted by Honda

    Oh damn, they really did it huh…