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  1. Turbos 101 - The Heart of Your Late Model Turbocharged Civic

    This might be old news to some but for sure good info and new stuff for others. Turbos 101 - The Heart of Your Late Model Turbocharged Civic Fun tidbit of info in here on the 10th vs 11th gen turbos.
  2. Thoughts on FK8 Oil Coolers for HPDE

    Here is a write up on what we are running. My only suggestion would be to run a better core like a setrab. But the location was the reason we went for this.
  3. 27WON - Designing the L15 Turbo Inlet Pipe

    No, it actually has not been brought to my attention. This is the first I have heard of multiple people reporting this happen. I have had one guy tell me about it when we first launched the product be he had an aftermarket hood that played a role. Besides that you tag is the first I have seen it...
  4. 27Won Downpipe Coming Soon...

    I know a downpipe is a rather simple part but is there any design features you guys would like to see?
  5. Catted Down pipe Recommendation for 10th gen si sedan

    We got a catted option if you are still searching.
  6. 27Won Downpipe Coming Soon...

    I'll be sure and write up some design blogs along the way as we get closer to release.
  7. Rear Diffuser For Sedan Si...

    It's basically the same one they make for the Type R.
  8. Strut bar swap

    no issue if you decided to remove the engine cover. Or get our bar that lets you keep it :)
  9. Rear Diffuser For Sedan Si...

    We have a Versus one, just need to put it on the car.
  10. 27WON K20C2 RMM fitment…

    Thank you for posting and sharing.
  11. Selling my Stage 2 Competition Clutch

    Still, have the clutch?
  12. Bypass Valve on 27WON CAI

    He is correct. no bypass needed.
  13. Wide Body Kit for FC1/FC3 Civic (details inside)

    that project sadly did not come to light.
  14. 27WON Summer Series Meet 1

    A video recap of our first meet at our Las Vegas HQ. We aim to host another one in the fall. thinking just before the Thanksgiving break.
  15. 27WON 1st Summer Series Meet

    Video recap of our first event.
  16. Is this whistling sound normal when I tap the gas at idle?

    hard to hear as stated but sounds just like intake noise.
  17. 27WON 80mm down-pipe now available

    No apologies needed. The forums are to answer questions are they not? Full Fk7 turbo back is $1892.71 with free UPS ground shipping. I don't have any anticipated increases in cost, but good questions. Things are tricky right now.
  18. Top 5 Questions About Tuning Civics

    Correct, Hard to put a number on it, We seem to land in the 260 wtq range for limits.
  19. New to the Si world. Looking for some advice.

    Highly just checking out this blog to get some good 101 info on the new whip.
  20. cold air intake

    If you have any questions about the intake we offer, feel free and reach out to me.