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  1. HFP style front lip on a Sport Hatch (ebay style)

    Doesn't look bad, but noticeably thinner than the real thing.
  2. More 2022 pics

    You are giving the 10th gen more credit then it deserves IMO. The mediocracy of the 9th gen, which was more of a side step from the 8th than a step forward, made the leap to the 10th seem larger than it really was. As for the 11th gen CTR, it looks cleaner then the 10th IMO. The wing kinda...
  3. Boosting the K20C2

    OP, people have jerry rigged kits to, technically, have a running turbo k20c2 car. Having said that, running and running well are two different things. As it stands, like the posts above allude to, you cannot properly turbo a k20c2 without a standalone ECU. A standalone ECU setup is going...
  4. Suspension

    Most likely.
  5. What's your SI looking like today?

    RPF1's are fine. I've never gotten the whole different for the sake of being different thinking.. Especially on a Civic forum.
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Center console and footwell lighting installed
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Nope, I just used the tape included. for how I did it, -Pull panel, remove all screws, remove silver bar trim piece, and release all tabs. The plastic welded tabs can be left as is. -Align "leather" (stitching should roughly align with factory stitching) to make sure you will have full...
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Door card reskin
  9. 😂 Spoon JP's 274hp FK7 Hatchback is up for sale now

    Why buy a CTR when you can buy a Spoon FK7 for as much money (40K). That does include tax though.
  10. Info on this model of Civic?

    The 5 door sport side skirts do fit the sedan. From the picture it is hard to say for sure that is 100% the OEM side though.
  11. Spoon full replacement mirror

    Ehh maybe if I like them and the sporks are cheap enough... 2k for mirrors is ridiculous.
  12. Shifter cable bushings

    I suggest using your mod money on mods that make an actual difference. Seriously, unless your bushings are shot (extremely unlikely on a car this new) it won't make any noticeable difference.
  13. Replace or reuse exhaust gaskets R&R turbo back?

    If you are doing it yourself you can gamble. Worse case, it leaks and you get to replace them.
  14. TSP Stage 1+ ?

    I was thinking about that too. Does reflashing reset the mileage counter? If so, that would explain it.
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    I don't know about that.. The fact that he now has the cash on hand to payoff the 3.5 years left on the note suggests to me he doesn't regularly have that much cash on hand. Add in the fact that after 1.5 years of payments, he has already paid off more than half of the total interest due on a...
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    Depends on the rate on the loan
  17. Type R Vs Si

    IDK about not looking sporty with a wing that big, but most wouldn't describe the CTR as attractive/good looking. On topic, The CTR is obviously the better performing car. Having said that, you use to be able to get the SI for 21.x +TTL. So, the only real question was the CTR worth the...
  18. What’s everyone’s experience with garage line wheel spacers for your Si?

    Flush fitment looks better, but the torque steer was annoying (especially tuned).