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  1. Wisconsin FK8 massive FBO part out

    OP updated. Nearly everything sold at this point. Bump it up for some suspension mods and an intercooler.
  2. Remove skid plate for better cooling?

    Heat rises. It won't get "sucked" out the bottom of the car.
  3. Accident at low speed could this happen (downpipe)

    I'm highly skeptical that the body shop did that to the downpipe. Unless some there shot it with a 9mm or some shit. I can't think of a tool in a body shop even capable of doing that, even on purpose, let alone accidentally.
  4. PRL Flex Fuel Kit Sensor

    I don't understand the part about E85 every 4th tank. E15 (or about 1 gallon E85 to a full tank) will be perfectly fine for "longevity" purposes. The car is built to handle that much ethanol. Keep in mind, you are running a tune that was built on E15, is known to be pretty aggressive, and you...
  5. Humor me for a minute guys

    A sheet of .100” 4’ x 8’ stainless was roughly $160 2 years ago when I started making these. It’s closer to $500 a sheet nowadays. And I wish I could offer different finishes, but the logistics and costs involved in setup and materials,I can’t even begin to calculate the cost. Not to mention...
  6. Humor me for a minute guys

    If I could get maybe 20 people together to make it worthwhile to do them all at once, possibly. But the cost of steel has gone up nearly as much as plywood has, so I'm worried you guys wouldn't like the price.
  7. I can't believe this is how some Honda dealerships operate.

    I saw a rusty #4 cyl, but can I get a TL;DR? This has been known to happen on the FK8, at least a couple of cases have been reported.
  8. Humor me for a minute guys

    Even then, two dudes at my house, doing this in my driveway, wasting a bunch of my time watching over them, destroying my driveway (cause fuck you if you think you're coming into my garage to do this). Nah, its not even worth the headache for a set of wheels to me.
  9. Humor me for a minute guys

    For everyone curious about these I stopped making them about a year ago. Not enough time on my hands between working two jobs, only to make a couple bucks each. I know one guy in this thread has one, @bugboy32337 how is yours holding up after two years?
  10. Humor me for a minute guys

    I'm loving these replies for both comedic value and cause for a brief moment this guy had me thinking I was an asshole :rofl:
  11. Humor me for a minute guys

    It's not even a FS ad. This guy was just looking for these wheels, my girl says yeah I have a set I'd sell and this dude wants to come jack his car up in my (asphalt on a 90° day) driveway and put the wheels on his car and drive around on them before buying them.
  12. Humor me for a minute guys

    The whole thing just feels off to me. 1. Its my girl dealing with this whole ordeal cause they are her wheels. I try not to get to involved cause her stuff, whatever, I'm here more in a support role. I feel like he's just trying to take advantage of her. Hence my post, to show her that this shit...
  13. Humor me for a minute guys

    Appreciate that man. But honestly, I'd be a nervous wreck shipping them. The first set I got from Seibon came damaged during shipping. And they had them all sorts of reinforced with 1"x1" wood and tons of packaging. And I get I can be a dick online at times, but ask anyone thats bought from me...
  14. Humor me for a minute guys

    Bro I’ve sold legit expensive forged setups before with way less hassle than this. We’re talking about some cast Rotiforms for $900. With tires.
  15. Humor me for a minute guys

    I wish it was. Some cast Rotiforms, no less.
  16. Humor me for a minute guys

    Would any of you allow someone buying used (cast, sub $1k) wheels to come to your house, install and test drive on said wheels before they commit to a purchase? I’ve bought and sold dozens of sets of wheels in the over 2 decades I’ve been buying and building cars and have never asked or been...
  17. XDI Fuel Pump with 1650cc injectors

    You're local to them. I waited quite a while for meaningful updates from Ktuner before switching to Hondata, as I'm sure many others did as well.
  18. Wisconsin FK8 massive FBO part out

    Bump. Down pipe sold.
  19. XDI Fuel Pump with 1650cc injectors

    Lol. Injectors alone don't solve anything. What you meant to say was hopefully KTuner will support the XDI pump and ethanol first.
  20. Weird warnings

    You “drove spiritedly” for 3.5 hours. What do you expect? Tires warm up. Heat makes air expand. Your tire pressure left the specified range. The car did exactly as it was supposed to.