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  1. REDRAGN's CTR Track Day Log

    Echoing your statement, I've been daily driving the CTR with the R5 Pads as well. Other than the low speed squeal when nearing a stop and more dust being metallic pads, the R5 do really well. The pads perform well from cold, and get better with heat in them. Modulation when cold is also...
  2. PRL Big Turbo Upgrade, CVT

    +1 @86salmon, the weight transfers to the front, and since they're not driven wheels the braking power at the rear should be kept to a point where the rear stays stable under braking and rear brakes don't lock up/trigger abs. For a street car, even if equipped with a big turbo you can upgrade...
  3. Fitment and tire sizes

    Very aggressive spec, you'll likely have to stretch a 225 to not have rub. Stance really isn't our forte as we focus more on street and track setups, but hopefully someone can chime in and give better guidance
  4. REDRAGN's CTR Track Day Log

    Running Paragon Front Rotors + R5 Pads on our CTR. Really consistent braking on at Toronto Motorsports Park, a track known to be heavy on brakes. We're still on stock fluid, stock lines, stock rear rotors, and pads. Pedal was easy to modulate, and didn't get spongy - a little soft when doing the...
  5. Engine stutter on cold start?

    Darn, it's frustrating indeed chasing rogue issues. Hope it gets sorted soon! New stock of Competition Clutch arrived this evening, yours will be sent out tomorrow :)
  6. Strut bar and sway bar

    Thank You Bob! And not only that, we've tested everything on our builds on street and track so we know how everything fits and functions :)
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    Once it breaks in, it's one of the best RMM's for the car. Especially with the ACT Street Clutch Kit I tested every RMM available, and Whiteline's got the vote from everyone who drove the car as being the best choice :)
  8. Wheel and Tire Setup for Performance

    245/35 any tire will have a bit of a stretch but clear with ease. 255/35 Indy500 may clear since they're thinner than most tires that size
  9. My 2019 Sport Hatchback Build

    To be honest, the Whiteline 22mm RSB isn't that hairy at all if you understand brake balance, and have your line right :) I've experienced oversteer in both my Si and CTR, in both it was a combination of cold rear tires plus quick weight transfer. Neither time was scary, you can counter steer...
  10. Using Genesis Brembo

    8-10 light stops from 30mph, 8-10 hard slow downs from 65-15mph. One minute cool down drive between each stop, and then go for a 10-15 minutes after without coming to a complete stop if possible
  11. Unity Performance's Street & Track FK8 Build Thread

    Paragon 2-piece Slotted Front Rotors w/Hard Anodized Hats, Paragon R5 Pads, and Titanium Pad Shims installed, thanks @Thusee! Our 2020 Rotors have less than 5k kms of street use on them with StopTech Sport Pads, so it's not a matter of replacing worn brakes, just showcasing our offerings :)...
  12. NEED NEW HEADLIGHTS ‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Some quick shots I took earlier. The Left needs to be raised the slightest via the adjustment screw. Don't mind the Yellow output, that's just the headlight tint we have on currently. Low Beam High Beam
  13. Unity Performance's Street & Track FK8 Build Thread

    The first picture I shared with the IC is definitely deceiving, I must've been using a wide angle mode that made it seem so thick. It's a large IC no doubt, and on the street yet I can't say I've felt any drawbacks to it.
  14. Whiteline Springs

    Hey, I can confirm that bump stops don't need to be trimmed, but in regards to the print I'm not on the same page with the Whiteline rep because Yes, their springs can have the text upside down. I have the same springs on my Blue Si with the text upside down. When removing the factory springs...
  15. Unity Performance's Street & Track FK8 Build Thread

    Complete @RV6 suspension package awaiting install, along with Spoon Rigid Collars (not pictured). This may seem overkill, but we've already tested the full Whiteline catalog on our daily driver Si builds on street and track for over a year now with great results. The goal with the CTR was to...
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    Ahaha well I do have to get another Truck/SUV/Van for transporting all the goods once Blue is gone. CTR was taking on that duty the past couple months, and was pretty good for hauling stuff around too if I may add but it's going to be parked up for winter.
  17. Website/Carparts

    Thanks brother!! Hey Joe, feel free to PM me with your build goals/ideas, and have a look at our site :) We have access to a lot more as well, that's just the current list which had been steadily growing and had been tested by us
  18. What's your SI looking like today?

    Market isn't as crazy here, I'll just list up on Autotrader and see who wants it
  19. What's your SI looking like today?

    You'll love it! We've parted pretty much everything from my Si @CanadiaegeanBlue, but we're leaving that in along with the ACT Street and KzCMC as a treat for the next owner :)
  20. NEED NEW HEADLIGHTS ‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Gotta get to it :) We've got some pictures on the product page, I can take some more and post them here as well.