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  1. Type R retrofit clutch

    The man himself told whoever asked that question
  2. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    looking like tsp stage 1 #'s
  3. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    We all know why the W1 housing cracked lol horrible afr’s. All I know is the W1 has a TD04 CHRA not sure about pure. All in all the W1 from mine will be sold for the ball bearing W2 drop in with a TD05 CHRA
  4. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    Yeah maybe but I mean our own tuner said that he doesn't recommend modiying a stock turbo frame lol and that should mean something.
  5. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    You will mo Well the thing is one of the best tuner's for the 10th gen civic even said modifying a stock turbo decreases it's durability. W1 on the other hand is not made from a stock turbo and is 100% made from scratch is the difference.
  6. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    Well you know DRob has lots of dyno graphs of stock turbo fully tuned on pump fuel
  7. Pure Turbos PS2 Turbo Upgrade

    it make ok #s by DRob and he said it's more lazy than the W1 as well as saying he doesn't recommend anyone get a modified stock turbo
  8. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    DRob also tunes a lot of cars in 100 degree ambient dyno rooms
  9. WTB: 2020 Type R Shifter

    Already got one lol a while back
  10. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    RV6 has been tested by DRob already and here’s a 2867 on a stock motor
  11. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    My good friend has a PRL Motorsports turbo kit Garrett GTX2860 Gen2
  12. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Torque is what kills rods not horsepower
  13. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Just letting you know the W1 turbo already had a TD04 CHRA lol which I currently run on my Si with FBO and upgraded clutch/flywheel tuned by DRob on 91 Cali pump pushing 280whp at 26-27psi
  14. Si Blox racing 58mm throttle body

    If the throttle body is larger than oem intake manifold then the manifold needs to be upgraded to a larger size which some companies do have.
  15. PRL BIG TURBO. Who’s running it?

    oh gotcha lol yeah meth on a stock motor is risking it.
  16. PRL BIG TURBO. Who’s running it?

    Yeah turns out he had bad spark plugs. Also pushed 30psi+ on stock motor at the time lol
  17. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Well people are running prl big turbo which use garrett ball bearing turbo’s without issue for some time already
  18. PRL BIG TURBO. Who’s running it?

    I know of a few non si cars running prl big on flex fuel.
  19. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Well the W2 will be a ball bearing turbo and we all know ball bearings do spool a lot faster than normal journal ones.