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  1. New rear brake pads and rotors after only 6400 miles?

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I had a feeling I was being screwed. It's already done so I don't think there's much I can do but I definitely won't be going back there for anything related to brakes.
  2. New rear brake pads and rotors after only 6400 miles?

    Yeah, I live in Ontario but even then I'm just driving around town so there's no way I can accumulate that much salt on my car. I wish I had remembered that I had already gotten them done 6400 miles earlier before I agreed to have them replaced. I would have immediately gone somewhere else for a...
  3. New rear brake pads and rotors after only 6400 miles?

    Just got back from the dealership to have my oil changed and brakes serviced and I ended up needing new rear pads and rotors. It didn't occur to me at the time, but when I got home I dug up a receipt from november 2017 where I had my rear brakes and pads replaced (under warranty). This was 6400...
  4. Wife’s 17 Sport Touring 6 speed

    Cool to see another user from Orangeville!
  5. WOW!!! 10 Things you may not know about you Civic

    There's something about HondaProJason that makes me cringe so hard. And to change the backround on the head unit, he didn't need to go through all those settings. All you have to do is touch and hold on blank part of the screen. Now youre in the knowwww
  6. Any other sedan owners getting water inside their trunk lid?

    Been over a year since I fixed it with the polyurethane and it's still holding up. If it starts leaking again I'll probably do the same repair since its lasted so long
  7. Air conditioning condenser issue is real

    I had mine replaced under warranty too. Dealer was good about it. No hassle. The thing i want to know is if the new condenser is an improved part over the one from the factory. Or is it just the same piece of garbage the car came with? I don't want to deal with it crapping out again in the...
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I've never had anything wrapped on the cars I've owned so I couldn't say. But I'm sure wrapping it would look a lot better than dipping it
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    After 2 years, I finally got around to swapping out the chrome unibrow for the gloss black grille. Completely changes the car.
  10. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    I have a 2013 Civic too and noticed the same thing. The AC is so much stronger. Even after 5 years and 130,000km. When it's set to low for more than 15 or 20 minutes, it starts to get uncomfortably cold lol. Meanwhile I drive around with my 2016 permanently set to low in the summer :dunno:
  11. Cleaning windshield

    I bought this tool at Walmart specifically designed for cleaning interior glass. The brand is Stoner's Invisible Glass. It let's you easily reach the underside of the windshield Can't remember how much it was. I think it was like $20 CDN
  12. Is the Civic a girls car????

    The VW Jetta and Audi/BMW SUVs are the ultimate girl cars IMO
  13. Best interior cleaning and smells?!

    Chemical guys new car smell. It's not exactly like new car but it has the same sort of new plastic/leather scent.
  14. Considering swapping for an Si but there's 1 problem

    I really like Subarus but for some reason there's no Subaru dealer in my town. The nearest one is 50 minutes away and it's in a different province lol. Otherwise I'd be all over the Forrester XT
  15. Considering swapping for an Si but there's 1 problem

    Ughh might be awhile longer before I'm able to get one. The wife doesn't want to trade for another car until we get an SUV/Crossover in the family (right now we have 2 Civics. 2013 and 2016) Can't really blame her since last winter we got stuck a combined 4 times and had a couple other...
  16. NO Frills for Me !

    I wish Gavnzdad would come back to this forum
  17. Considering swapping for an Si but there's 1 problem

    Thanks for the input. That's my main fear: stalling it over and over. Im thinking about getting one of those window stickers that says "Please be patient. Manual transmission driver in training"
  18. Considering swapping for an Si but there's 1 problem

    I'd like silver but we don't have it in Canada so I'm leaning on either white or modern steel. I love black but after owning 2 black cars, I think I'm done with black, at least for awhile.
  19. Considering swapping for an Si but there's 1 problem

    Definitely been watching a ton of videos. And I have a buddy back home where I'm from who drives an Sti so I've been texting the shit out of him the last few days lol. I'll figure it out. I think I'm leaning on dropping some money on a couple hours with a driving instructor to teach me the...
  20. NO Frills for Me !