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  1. Reservoir Eyesore

    What all is required to make it work for Si?
  2. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    The Type R will be fine, just not any improvement on the 10th Gen. and the price.
  3. Friendly Civic people

    Well, BMW drivers, ya know 😉
  4. Another Oil Thread I Know, I Know...

    If you are running a higher viscosity for better wear protection, the Mobil 1 0w-30 actually has higher viscosity at operating temp than their 5w-30. That was surprising to me.
  5. Another Oil Thread I Know, I Know...

    The Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 C of Mobil 1 AFE 0w-30 is actually slightly higher than Mobil 1 EP 5w-30. FWIW...
  6. Anyone dyno an Si with intake/exhaust/intercooler without a tune?
  7. Valve Cover Swap

    If it is the same profile as K20C1 then why not just get OEM engine cover for CTR. It is $100 and looks much better than this...
  8. Hate Side Chrome Window Trims, options?

    For emblems:
  9. Engine Comparison (K20C2, L15BA, L15B7, K20C1)

    One of these things is not like the other.
  10. MAP Catback Street Exhaust

    That is pretty much how mine sits too. I’m on Swift springs and don’t scrape on speed bumps. I’m sure it’s pretty close. I’d scape on D2 is my guess. I did have a problem with the clamp at first. I found that you have to make sure the tailpipe section is pushed back as far as possible and make...
  11. AWE Touring Exhaust + D2 Lowering Springs

    Hmmm. Seems like this is just a fact of life with aftermarket exhausts on this car. I have the MAP and actually considered going to the AWE because I felt like MAP was low. Honda flattened the back half of the stock exhaust down to a oval shape for some additional clearance. Once you start...
  12. 11th gen steering wheel on 10th gens?

    I see. That’s are part of the assembly. You’d have to do the full assembly, airbag and all, to get those bits that the OP wants. The steering wheel isjust the leather wrapped surround. I don’t have a pic of the OE part, but this is the Buddy Club.
  13. 11th gen steering wheel on 10th gens?

    Is the steering wheel itself even any different? The differences seem to be in the controls and airbag shape (e.g. the parts that would not swap over). That’s why I assumed you must be talking about the entire assembly.
  14. 11th gen steering wheel on 10th gens?

    I guess you are meaning entire assembly, airbag, controls and all. In that case it would be too expensive, probably dangerous, and likely unworkable. Generally if you are swapping steering wheels it is just the steering wheel itself and then you are swapping over the airbag and controls from the...
  15. Idk if i should be concerned

    Also got a strange code (throttle position sensor) and limp mode just before battery died. Has never reappeared after replacing battery. That was a couple years ago.
  16. AWE Touring Exhaust Drone

    You’d have the same with those. It’s an aftermarket exhaust. Sound is the point. Your wife will never like it. Mine doesn’t. 😂
  17. Catted Down pipe Recommendation for 10th gen si sedan

    A number of people have said the aFe does not throw a code. Probably because it uses a 400 CPSI cat. But I don’t see it on their website at present and it was always an expensive option. Beyond that, probably PRL or RV6 with a defouler if you want to try and avoid a CEL.
  18. How restrictive is the stock exhaust?

    Yeah, I know. I didn’t see DP on his list which is why I asked.
  19. How restrictive is the stock exhaust?

    Clarify if you mean catback or stock exhaust as in turbo back (stock dp/cat).
  20. Bad SI seats

    It is not about being fat, it is about not rubbing on the bolster every time you get out. A cover could help I guess. A loose fitting cover (like a Ty Law Jersey) might actually introduce more opportunity for rubbing.