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  1. Greddy interCooler

    Hows the Greddy intercooler performing?
  2. Roughly 50% error rate when flashing with KTuner 1.2

    Exactly! Taking your car to someone that has experience and the knowledge to diagnose and flash an ecu would be a good idea. Sometime you just have to leave it to the pros, this is an expensive machine, not an RC car. Ktuner is an amazing product. You have a loyal customer.
  3. Mechanical to Digital Cluster Swap?

    Did you ever try this?
  4. Instrument/Gauge Cluster???

    How did it get done?
  5. Shift Lights

    I’ll try this out, I’ve looked through the settings and was unable to find anything. Thanks for the input 🍻
  6. Shift Lights

    I have a 2020 Fk7 and it does not have these lights, I’d like to see if there was a way to get it to do the same. Change the cluster?
  7. center part of the wing removal ?s

    Anyone know who makes this wing?
  8. What Seat covers you guys use?

    08P32-TGG-110A No armrest
  9. I Don’t Like My 2020 Civic Si Coupe

    overseas contracting? Looking for an accountant? Help? Someone to teach the ropes?
  10. 1.5T OEM CTR exhaust on a 1.5T hatchback sport?

    I installed it on my 2020 hatch sport, completely stock. Sounded louder and I’d say a bit of drone. Then I removed the small resonator, little less drone. not so much sound, only on cold start and under 1500 rpms you can hear little pops due to the tips of the mufflers. Proceeded to remove the...
  11. Ctr clutch retrofit on 1.5t

    How’s the clutch holding up?
  12. A metal "rubbing" sound coming from the wheels

    I have a similar issue, FK7 2020. I hear it when coming to a stop, only at low speeds, if I stop suddenly i dont hear it, but doesnt mean its not making the noise. I belive it is due to either the material of the pads brake lines or a noisy brake master cylinder. Car has made that noise from the...
  13. Type R OEM Diffuser on FK7

    Hey Kane, Any luck on fitting this diffuser on your FK7? I believe the 2018 could be different from the 19/20. The stock FK7 Diffuser is different. I currently in search of an FK8 diffuser to fit on my Hatch.
  14. I installed a CTR diffuser on my fk7.

    The 2020 Hatchback Sport, has adapters to fit the diffuser at each end of the wheel wells, which also attach to the OEM mudflaps. The OEM fender liner actually is cut to fit flush with the diffuser, 2019 - 2020 models are a bit different. I am currently looking for a 2019 - 2020 FK8 diffuser to...