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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    link for the tail lights please.
  2. Lowered but still grocery Getter

    tire and rim details pleaseeeeee......
  3. Road Noise.

    After owning the car for little while now, I noticed that road noise is being very audible compared when I had it when its brand new. Some people say it has something to do with the tires but Im thinking if theres any way we can lessen road noise like some deadening materials or what not. any...
  4. needs help!!! zero knowledge on tires.

    ok. I have zero knowledge about everything that concerns tires and rims. I've been reading old post but all this number just makes it even more harder for me to understand all of this. haha I'm driving a 2016 EXL and I just want to have a sportier look on my car. PLEASE HELP ME and make this a...
  5. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    how much did you spent all together?!
  6. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    pretty sick. just curious, how much did you spent all together?!
  7. Glare/Refraction on Rear Window after Tint

    So, I just had my windows tinted and I noticed that when driving at night I see glaring within the defroster line on my rear window. I never had this problem until the tint. Is this normal for newly tinted window (its been 3 days now) Will the glaring will eventually fade out?! That glaring and...
  8. Display Homescreen + Wallpaper Thread

    How you do this?! Help me out. :)
  9. HDMI Mirrorlink

    Came across this video and youtube and figuring out how this thing works?! Does anyone knows how this thing works really??!
  10. Whats on your keychain?

    where can I get one??!
  11. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Hit 10,000 miles @ 10:00
  12. Whats on your keychain?

    mine includes: key fob house key locker key my 2nd car key keychain from St. Patrick's Cathedral
  13. DIY: Install subwoofer in non-touring (P300-10)

    I got mine installed few days back and I couldn't be happier. It just makes the sound more crisp and gives that bass that just about right. :nixon::nixon::nixon:
  14. Scent?!

    Im an addict with car freshener. Ive tried everything you name it. but the most economical of all would be an "essential oil" You can use it in so many different ways but with mine, what I do is put a few drops on my air filter and ur car will smell awesome. Guaranteed...
  15. 831 area. HELP

    hello there. anyone from 831 area here???? if there is, please help me where I can find a decent place/shop that can install subwoofer. HELP. TNX.
  16. web browsing.

    Yup you were right it's my phone. :doh: I need to do modifications here and there and enable some settings with my phone. Im glad to say that its all up and working now!!! :drive::drive::drive: