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  1. Audio problem on '15 Touring...

    Thanks anyway....eventually off to the dealer (under warranty).....and you know the sorry probably will not be able to duplicate....cheers p :)
  2. Audio problem on '15 Touring...

    Yes I think is so loud sounds like coming from everywhere......thanks p
  3. Audio problem on '15 Touring...

    bone mod
  4. Audio problem on '15 Touring...

    Sometime the speakers start popping.....only happens Thanks p
  5. 2017 Honda Civic has an updated Infotainment System

    Have you done this update? How long did it take?
  6. Hatch in blue

    Not in love with the front & back black bumper trim / fake vents - to large for me - think they look fine on the 4 door...............cheers p
  7. New Icon

    Sorry not great at taking or downloading pics yet - yes did read the manual but did not see this described..........thanks anyway - p
  8. New Icon

    Tonite when we tuned to the nav map above the speed limit appeared a black box with a white border with pic of the front of a car and clock dial with a digital read out at the bottom. When pressed it goes to a blank screen - help would be appreciated. Cheers p
  9. Where was your car built?

    Yes however they may be working a Wed to Sat swing maybe don't buy a Wed or Sat car.......Cheers p
  10. Where was your car built?

    Most of the auto manufacturers use 2 shifts, run 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week so the old saying of not buying a Monday or Friday car really goes out the window.......Cheers p
  11. WeatherTech mats

    I currently have a set of Civic "winter mats" but not really that satisfied with them. I was looking at the ones from WeatherTech and like the fact that they have higher side walls and better coverage under the pedals. I wondering if anyone has them and if they are satisfied with them. Are...
  12. Thin sheet metal, easy damage

    No different than most new cars I'm affraid - hail storm near here badly damaged (dented) a Kia.............cheers p
  13. Top Tier Gasoline, New Study

    Gavnzdad....Honda dealer / Honda oil only.............that's because its a secret blend of 32 indigence - sorry that's something else .)
  14. Where was your car built?

    Ditto! Cheers p
  15. Factory oil....

    Thanks - the dealer didn't say anything about changing so I will ask.............Cheers p
  16. Factory oil....

    Does the Touring 1.5 turbo come from the factory with 0w20 synthetic?? Thanks p
  17. Where was your car built?

    Our dealer did not know of the surging update however with the operation #2235A2 on Northerns bill above was able to do the update ...................Thanks for your help!! Cheers p&l ps also did an audio update as well
  18. Where was your car built?

    Thanks - much appreciated................Cheers p&l
  19. Where was your car built?

    If you get an update number on your invoice - can you post or pm pls - our dealer says there is no update for the surging in Canada as yet.thanks p&L
  20. Touring Wheels

    Need your help - before they put my wheels back on (winters off) - should I wax them?? Never had painted alloys before............Thanks Linda