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  1. California Selling Navifly M400 head unit

    Willing to ship?
  2. CTR Joy!

    I've seen it and the first thing that I thought was "STAGED".
  3. Side Marker Pigtail Connector

    No problem, I see you're in CANADA. You owe me some Tim HORTONNNSSSSS!
  4. Side Marker Pigtail Connector

    Disregard the 2nd one. It only has one notch.
  5. Side Marker Pigtail Connector Also try a junk yard...
  6. Can a muffler delete cause engine problems (boost leak etc.) in these cars?

    Try a different stealership, that one is massive D**kheads.
  7. Resonator Delete

    Just delete the 2 muffkers in the back.
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    LOL, no LEO's give themselves a bad name potnaaaa.
  9. hatchback spoiler

    The wing lifted up huh? That thing is noiceeeeeeeeeeeee!
  10. Georgia Android 9.0 head unit 1gb RAM 16gb ROM

    How bright is the screen on this model? Do you have any pics of it installed in your car?
  11. 10th Gen Civic limp Mode Issue

    Oh, well it happened to me and never came back. In my case, it was different then.
  12. Tennessee WTB Android Headunit

    Hi, just testing to see if anyone is selling an Android Headunit?
  13. FK7 Si build, cont.

    Man the last pic is fire!!!!
  14. Dealer says my compressor is "coming apart"

    LOL, I never use the AC. I use the windows and I have bad allergies. Let me run it today for 5 mins.
  15. Muffler delete thread

    I just did a muffler delete this past weekend lol. It's too quiet, but I don't have any ECU modifications. It's louder when I put it in sport mode though.
  16. Huge oil leakage.

    He said Honda Cuddy.