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  1. Red H Emblems

    CTR style center caps? if so i am interested
  2. Seat creaking/squeaking anyone?

    I am starting to hear this squeak as well. At first i thought it was my clutch pedal.
  3. Too quiet of a cabin, muffler delete or new exhaust?

    Might be a silly question but i have very little experience with muffler deletes. Will a muffler delete cause the check engine light to turn on? I have an Si and i am considering a muffler delete but i do not want to deal with a check engine light
  4. My Civic EX-T

    What size did you get? Small or medium?
  5. Exhaust tinny sound

    Agreed, the stock exhaust is sufficient for me as of now, maybe down the road I’ll swap exhaust but for now I want to keep it stock and running as it should!
  6. Exhaust tinny sound

    Correct this is stock exhaust. Car has about 900 miles. Took it for a little road trip, thanks for your input!
  7. Exhaust tinny sound

    So I just got my 2019 Si Coupe about a week ago and I am hearing this tinny sound in the cabin when idling. I know exhausts make this sound BUT should I be hearing it in the cabin at idle? And has anyone else heard this?