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  1. The German Driver from green hell ;)

    wow those Protracks look amazing
  2. 27WON turbo inlet pipe installed. Today

    Aside from the power gains, what else does it help with? Keeping temps down, more airflow, etc? Like should I get one for hotter weather or does that not apply here?
  3. Brake upgrade

    Can't speak on just the lines since I did everything at once (rotors, pads, lines, fluid), but everything as a whole has made a massive difference but regular driving, spirited driving, and on-track
  4. Texas WTB: V2 PRL FMIC for SI coupe

    Looking for a lightly used or new PRL fmic for my 2018 SI coupe. Located in Dallas TX but can pay for shipping. Comment, message, or message me on it: TPDxSI
  5. Brake upgrade

    I run Hawk 5.0 pads with Stoptech slotted rotors, and RBF600 fluid and stainless steel lines. Like the setup alot
  6. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2018 Civic SI Coupe Total tuned time: Just over 2 months (Jan 1, 2020) Tuned miles driven: 1,800-2,000 Tuning device(s) used: Ktuner v1.2 Tunes used: Phearable 1.5 (21 psi) Fuel used: Shell 93 Additional related mods: PRL cai, Invidia R400 catback Problems/issues: None so far...
  7. 2020 Civic Type R OEM Shift Knob..

    anyone interested in trading me one of these for my black Acuity Poco knob + cash on my end?
  8. Anyone Track Michelin Pilot Sport 4S ?

    fwiw I run PS4S 245/40/18 on my SI. Have been to the track twice with them and they performed well (miles better than the OEM tires), but wont have the same grip as something with a 200 TW. Theyre great if you're looking for a great all-around summer tire with a few trackdays here and there
  9. Chassis Bracing

    Is this the equivalent of that one you have?
  10. Chassis Bracing

    ah that thread is perfect. thanks guys
  11. Chassis Bracing

    Can't find much on the topic, so I'll post a thread. What are the most "worth it" or "best bang for your buck" chassis bracing parts? Thinking about ordering from Ultra Racing for their November sale, but open to other suggestions. Already have the strut tower bar and sway bars Check me out on...
  12. Any mods you regret? Favorite so far?

    Least favorite: waiting 9 weeks and counting for my invidia R400 catback lol Most favorite: all the Acuity bits + pedal spacer, or lighter rims (konig dekagrams) with Michelin PS4S tires
  13. 2022 Golf R

    Still would take the new STi over it, especially for 5k less
  14. License Plate Delete

    Yeah pretty much exactly that. I found that billetworkz actually does custom ones, so I might go that route
  15. License Plate Delete

    lol really? That's awesome. January can't come soon enough :D
  16. License Plate Delete

    where the license plate would normally go
  17. License Plate Delete

    i want something cool looking that takes up that big area on the front bumper lol